Unboxing: the Shu Uemura Art of Beauty BDJ Box Luxe

I first heard about the first ever BDJ Box Luxe while at a meeting last Friday. My friend was asking me if it's worth getting the Shu Uemura box - I was like, what box? She said, you know, that box that costs P4,000? 


Then she showed me what's included inside. The Shu Uemura-exclusive contains P15,000 worth of full- and travel-sized items, from the cleansing oil to even one of the brand's latest foundations. How crazy awesome is that? And how nice of BDJ to send me one to show off to you guys!


But let's go back to the original question. Is it worth the P4,000 spend? Yes, it is, if you like even just a third of what's included in the box. The full-sized cleansing oil alone is already over 4,000 bucks, so if you've always wanted to try that (you should, it is pretty good!) then this is a good as opportunity as any. You're getting a ton of other things besides!



Shu Uemura also included their The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation, which retails at P2,350. Of course, the shade is a hit and miss since you won't get to choose. But you can always give it away, trade it, or even sell it. That's the beauty of buying a box that has full-sized, brand new items.


Other notable products: there is not one, but two UV Under Bases included which are at P2,250 each. There are also a host of generous skincare samples that should allow you to discover the best of Shu Uemura. The Tsuya Serum btw is the bomb! That was my HG for a while.



So there you go. Right now there's only one more relevant question: when is BDJ going to release a Luxe box again? I can't wait to see it! And hopefully y'all can get a chance to purchase it. I believe that this Shu Uemura box is already sold out. Lucky you if you got one!

What do you think of the BDJ Box Luxe? What are your faves from Shu Uemura?