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Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette in Angel Petal

It can be maddening to write about makeup all the time, so I hope you enjoyed the last two posts as much as I did making them. But now we are back on track! Today I'd like to talk about a holiday palette: the Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette in Angel Petal (P2,000+). I know, this is so belated, but the palette is still a great choice for sooty, glittery evening eyes.

The eyeshadows come packaged in an expensive-looking gold case. I had one of these from 2012, but that came in a sort of metallic midnight blue. I like them both! I love how Estee Lauder packaging always looks modern and classy, but never dated.

The five eyeshadows are on the cool side, featuring a shimmery petal pink, a copper, metallic taupe, glittery charcoal, and matte beige. Most of the colors have pronounced shimmer in them, but they are twinkly and fine, very much like Bobbi Brown's famous glittery ones. Estee Lauder's are also multi-colored and far from flat and tacky.

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Shiseido Week: Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fleur OR341

It's Shiseido Week once again! This week I'll be talking about my new finds from one of my favorite brands ever. I was able to pull out some of the most interesting items in their store sooo watch out for those features in the next few days! Promise, you'll want to see what I chose for this week. ;) Anyway! I'll kick it off with a lipstick - the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fleur OR341 (P1,250).

I say this over and over again: Shiseido lipsticks are super underrated. This is one of the best lipstick formulas I've tried to date, as they are super pigmented, fairly moisturizing, long-wearing, and comes in beautiful shades. Like Fleur here. This was part of the 2013 Spring Collection but I think it's still as relevant now as it was when it came out.

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Lipstick Week: MAC Pro Longwear in Good To Go and Sheen Supreme in Bare Again

A good lipstick wardrobe has an even mix of daily, subdued shades and bright sparks of color. At least 30% of your lipstick collection should comprise of unforgettable shades, the kind that people stop to ask what you have on. Trust me, it's good for your self-esteem! Even if there aren't many occasions to wear these bright shades out, knowing that you have them and can wear them any time you damn well please already adds to that feeling of empowerment. 

The question is: when should you go bright, and when should you go light? A touch of flattering color on your lips is ideal for more conservative settings like at your office, a business meeting, or perhaps a work-related conference. It's also great for any situation wherein you want to look approachable and likeable - meeting the parents, a new group of friends, making a sale, things like that.

Bright lipstick, on the other hand, is perfect for special occasions, parties, and casual get-togethers among close friends or co-workers. If you have a creative, image-heavy job like being a makeup artist, stylist, actress, magazine writer, etc. then you can pretty much wear any color you feel like!

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MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Coral Cloak

I'm kinda pissed off that two of my favorite, and I mean favorite, coral lipsticks have been missing for a while now. They're the Revlon Coral Berry and Makeup For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N39, ugh! I do have other coral lipsticks but I think these two are the best-looking of them all.

But one has to move on, I suppose. So, here's one of my new orange/coral lippies: the MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Coral Cloak (P560 at Makeupholics).

MeMeMe is a drugstore UK brand that has been making waves locally. The products are colorful and highly pigmented, up there with Sleek, Beauty UK, and Models Own - only kitschier with a baroque sensibility. I am not a huge fan of the packaging per se, but the product itself is quite nice for the price. Remember the MeMeMe Goddess Rocks? That one's a great catch.

Coral Cloak is a beautiful creamy orange lippie that stands out without being too loud. The texture is quite silky and smooth, not too thick as to be uncomfortable.

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Revlon Fire & Ice lipsticks

The lipstick trend for this summer is all about fresh and bold shades. They're the colors that you can match up with gay sun dresses in florals or solid colors like white, lemon, orange, and lime. Hence, the Revlon Fire & Ice Collection is right on schedule! It consists of three new shades, with one classic red from way back in the 1950's. Here's my review of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks in the collection!

What I love about the product

  • I love all the shades. Temptress and Demure may need some layering to make it really stand out, but I love the sweet, understated effect they have on my lips. Siren is a standout orange, while All Fired Up is a memorable, flattering red.
  • Satin finish, my favorite kind.

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