Foundation Week: Charm Pro Angled Foundation Brush

Thought I'd end foundation week with a tool instead of makeup! The Charm Pro Angled Foundation Brush (P700) is the latest creation from the popular local brush brand. It's a flat brush with a gentle angle to it that allows you to blend in liquid foundation even in tight spots. It's super easy to use, and works best with watery foundations and BB creams to get maximum coverage.

The brush has soft synthetic hair that's dense and stiff at the base. It's pliable on the tapered edge, which gives it this nice blending action if you swipe it back and forth. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy-coverage, thick foundations since you will need a denser, rounder brush to get those properly worked onto the skin. This however is perfect for light foundations that have sheer coverage - it somehow increases the opacity of these types of foundations, and give them a smoother finish. 


Size reference. The brush head is just the right shape and size; it doesn't feel awkward to use, but you will need to get used to the shape initially. It's not your typical foundie brush!

As with most Charm brushes I have, this one did not bleed or shed even with several washings. :) I find the Charm Pro Angled Foundation Brush a nice tool that should cut my foundation application time in half, minus the messy fingers. Will definitely keep it in rotation!

Do you need this? It is a nice brush indeed but if your current foundation brush works great already then no, this isn't a must-have. However, if you find your current brush to be inadequate in blending foundation under your eyes, around the corner or your nose and lips, then this is something you might like. ;) I imagine that this is particularly useful for makeup artists who need to be able to maneuver around their clients' face better!

So there you go, hope you enjoyed my Foundation Week! You can check the following links to see all the products I've reviewed. Did you find anything that looks promising? My favorite out of the bunch is Bobbi Brown - it's super convenient and super flattering on my skin! 

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Of course, what works for me may not work for you so always wear the foundation on your whole face first before buying it, especially if it's expensive. Walk around for a day. Check under sunlight. Check how oily you get and for any fading. :) If everything fits your requirements then that is the time to shell out the dough. Happy foundation hunting!