Foundation Week: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Truth be told, I have yet to find a drugstore foundation that I would use everyday. One thing is for sure though: drugstore products are getting better and better with each release! Take for instance the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (P599). This is a watery foundation that gives a demi-matte, natural finish while feeling light on skin. It promises to give an airbrush finish and it can do that with the right brush.

Coverage and finish. The Maybelline Liquid Mousse is a nice daily foundation that has light to medium coverage. It's sheer on the first layer, so I recommend that you use a minimum of two generous layers if you need medium coverage. If you just want to even out and brighten up your skin, one layer would be enough.

This can cover minor blemishes and light eye bags if you use a generous amount. The finish is very natural - not completely matte, I think, since it has a hint of dewiness to it. It would be great to use during events when you'd be heavily photographed. It doesn't have SPF and is quite photogenic with its demi-matte coverage!

What mousse?

The shade I have, Medium 1/ Sandy Beige, is a shade lighter than my actual skin tone and has a hint of pink to it although it's predominantly yellow. It adjusts to my skin tone in an hour though, so it works. I have Medium 2.5, I think that's more appropriate on my medium yellow skin.

Texture and feel. This foundation isn't mousse-y as the name suggests. It's water-based and feels very light on the face. It's super easy to spread and even out with just the fingers, but I would suggest using a foundation brush to get a finer, more even finish. It somehow "activates" better with a brush - a traditional, flat foundation brush or a stippling brush should do the trick!

It can feel sticky in humid weather though, so always have blotting paper and powder handy if you plan to be out the whole day.


I used my fingers the first time I applied the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. It looked patchy somehow. I used a flat foundation brush next time, and it looks much better!

Staying power. Average. I take about two and a half hours to oil up in this, but it's still manageable on my combination skin. It starts to fade by the five hour mark - not a foundation I would wear for over eight hours, for sure. It's great on dry to combi skin. Oily girls are better off with a foundation that sticks better.

Packaging. I do love the packaging. It's a glass bottle with a pump that you can lock to prevent unintended pumping. I dislike having to keep track of the tiny caps of foundations so this pump is super useful!

Recommendations. The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse is a nice daily foundation that gives skin a luminous yet matte finish. Oxymoron yes, but it is quite possible. This baby comes in a variety of shades, so I'm sure you'd find something that would match you! It's an inexpensive liquid foundation that would work well for dry to combination skin. 

If you're oily, there are other foundatiosn with less slip. :) If you must insist on this one, just make sure to use an oil-absorbing finishing powder! Ben Nye Banana Powder is a good choice. You can also try the Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire if you want extra coverage.

Sooo what are your thoughts on this foundation? Buy or skip?