Capsule review and swatches: Too Cool For School Glam Rock Collection

When I was very young, I wanted to be a rock star. I'd spend most of my time learning to play the guitar and writing songs. I would dream about going on stage and rocking my heart out to the adulation of millions, wearing slashed tights and distressed leather jackets. It all sounded so awesome in my head. But like all of my adolescent aspirations, it went up in a cloud of smoky black eyeshadow. With a few glitters in it for good measure. :P

Anyhoo, today I want to show you the latest collection from Korean brand Too Cool For School. Glam Rock is inspired by the rock star culture, with emphasis on dramatic eyes and blanked out lips. I have a few items from TCFS here and a quick review of each. :) Let me know what you think!

I'll start with a lip color - the Glam Rock Smoky Nudy Lip Color in Satin Beige(P715). This is a creamy lipstick that needs to be layered at least twice to get the same opacity as the swatch below. I don't mind, since most lipsticks need to be layered anyway and it doesn't take much effort. However, if you have pigmented lips then this won't cover everything. It can look a tad streaky since it only offers medium coverage.

Staying power is average, at three hours. I would recommend wearing a lip balm first since the matte texture can be drying.

Satin Beige is a pale beige with a sliiiightly pinkish undertone to it. It's best for light to light medium skin; if you're darker, this would wash you out. It washes me out if I just wear light eye and cheek makeup. I need to emphasize those features if I am to avoid looking too pale.

I normally avoid nude lipsticks because it makes my wide face look wider, but I like how Satin Beige looks on me.

Here is Satin Beige on top of a slightly stained lip. I was looking for the best lipstick to pair with my purple eyes so I had to change a couple of times before settling on this lipstick. There's a bit of stain left over the earlier lipsticks; that's why the color looks warmer here.

I love the effect. If you have nude lipsticks that are hard to work with, mix it with your other colors to make them more wearable!

Next up is the Glam Rock Extreme Color Eyes in No. 5 Chaos(P665). I LOVE this startling navy blue shade! It's like a satin ribbon across my eyes. <3 However, it's rather difficult to work with. It needs to be layered 2-3 times to get the opacity shown in my swatch. It also applies patchily due to the weird gel-like texture and floppy brush.

But you know what, I don't care. The staying power is pretty amazing. I wore this for around six hours and it didn't smudge or fade on me. I have feeling it'll stay on waaaay longer. Very impressive.

Gorgeous, eh? I am definitely going to use this eyeliner regularly!

Finally, here's the Glam Rock Urban Shadow in Muddy Nude(P435). Okay, I also like this a lot. It reminds me of MAC Femme Fi, one of my favorite eyeshadows for highlighting the brow bone and as an overall lid wash.

Muddy Nude is a warm, yellow-toned demi-matte eyeshadow. It applies smoothly, doesn't feel powdery, and offers decent coverage even without a primer. I like that it's neither too shimmery or matte, which is a problem I usually encounter when trying to find an appropriate
browbone eyeshadow.

You and I will be friends, long time

Wearing the eyeshadow here + the Chaos eyeliner. This is a great laid back look that looks interesting enough for a second glance, I think. ;) I wore a cream lip and cheek tint here for a coordinated, glowing face.

So there you go! ^_^ Which one is your favorite? I'd have to go with the eyeliner, even if it's such a hassle to apply. I can live with it since the color is well worth the extra time.

You can find Too Cool For School in Mall of Asia, SM North, and SM BF Paranaque.

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