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Capsule review and swatches: Too Cool For School Glam Rock Collection

When I was very young, I wanted to be a rock star. I'd spend most of my time learning to play the guitar and writing songs. I would dream about going on stage and rocking my heart out to the adulation of millions, wearing slashed tights and distressed leather jackets. It all sounded so awesome in my head. But like all of my adolescent aspirations, it went up in a cloud of smoky black eyeshadow. With a few glitters in it for good measure. :P

Anyhoo, today I want to show you the latest collection from Korean brand Too Cool For School. Glam Rock is inspired by the rock star culture, with emphasis on dramatic eyes and blanked out lips. I have a few items from TCFS here and a quick review of each. :) Let me know what you think!

I'll start with a lip color - the Glam Rock Smoky Nudy Lip Color in Satin Beige. This is a creamy lipstick that needs to be layered at least twice to get the same opacity as the swatch below. I don't mind, since most lipsticks need to be layered anyway and it doesn't take much effort. However, if you have pigmented lips then this won't cover everything. It can look a tad streaky since it only offers medium coverage.

Staying power is average, at three hours. I would recommend wearing a lip balm first since the matte texture can be drying.

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Too Cool For School Pearl Bay Invasion in Baby Clam Pink

The Too Cool For School Pearl Bay Invasion in Baby Clam Pink (~P800) is a beautiful golden-salmon illuminator that can make your skin glow without the tacky shimmer. It has a thin texture that adheres to the skin well, and an almost translucent finish. 

The TCFS Pearl Bay Invasion is incredibly subtle. A lot of girls avoid illuminators because they don't want to shine like a sequined jacket under a spotlight - that's understandable! - but this one is quite hard to overdo. The coverage of the cream is very sheer and it's easy to blend out with your preferred buffing brush or just fingers.

I recommend three ways to use it!

  • As an illuminating makeup base. If you want that glow-from-within skin, use a small amount all over your face, under your makeup. Let it dry, then add your foundation/concealer as usual. It's best under liquid or cream foundation to achieve that skin-like finish!
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Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff Sponge

You know I gotta mention the Beauty Blender sponge here, right? It's only proper. :P I've never tried it before so unfortunately I can't compare, but I was just never convinced by the hype. Sure the sponge is conveniently shaped for reaching awkward areas around the face, but a thousand bucks for one sponge? Hmm, I don't think so. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future. Until then, I'll go for more reasonable alternatives!

The Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff Sponge (P279) has been sitting on my vanity since March. I never got around to using it after my first try though, because I felt that the sponge just ate the liquid foundation and didn't do a good job of applying it. BUT! I was just using the Puff all wrong, it seems.

Instead of sheer watery foundations, the TCFS works amazingly with cream compact and thick liquid foundations. It does a wonderful job of buffing in such formulas seamlessly!

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Too Cool For School Super Cleanser TAKKOZA Cleansing Tissue

There is a dichotomy in my personality: I'm a creature of habit, yet I am always actively searching for change. My day is dictated by a strict routine since it's the only way for me to accomplish all my tasks for each account and project I'm working on. However, I also have an eye out for new hobbies, acquisitions, any sort of plans. Once I go on a new, erm, rampage I simply can't stop until I'm done with it. Sometimes something else outside of my own actions change. Whichever it is, my routine is then ruined. 

It takes me some time to recover and get back to regular programming, so I'm working v. hard to make sure my Priorities are in The Right Place. I ask myself, "Do I really need to do this right now?" Glob I'm weak. I wish I can buy focus and turn into a low-calorie drink for whenever I need it.

Anyway. I thought I'd do a quick review of something I've been sitting on for a while - the Too Cool For School Super Cleanser TAKKOZA Cleansing Tissue (P555)! This is awesome. I know I should have told you sooner but I get sidetracked so easily! So why is this awesome? It removes pretty much all types of makeup, even water-resistant mascaras (tube, film-type) with the exception of waterproof mascara. This is a water-based makeup remover after all, so I'm alright with that. I don't regularly use waterproof mascara anyway!

The smell is clean and mild while the liquid in it doesn't sting my eyes at all. I also did not get any breakouts; I feel that this cleanses my skin well. 

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New brand alert: Too Cool For School

Hi folks! I was in Mall of Asia yesterday to watch Iron Man 3 on IMAX. I enjoyed the film! There were some cheesy parts but hey, it was funny and heart-stopping anyway. The third installment of the franchise showed a broken Tony Stark after New York (it's a direct sequel of sorts to Avengers). He can't sleep, he gets anxiety attacks, and on top of that he decided to challenge a terrorist called the Mandarin. All hell breaks loose as Tony finds himself on the run, fighting for his life - and his future with Pepper.

But I digress. :P What I really want to talk about is Too Cool For School, the latest Korean beauty brand to hit Manila! I was invited to the press launch last week but wasn't able to make it, unfortunately. I took the first chance I had to visit it yesterday while waiting for Iron Man 3 to start.

Now we're talking: a 3D pop-up of dinosaurs crossing a city

Multi-color Paint (P675)

So yes, the first and so far only store of TCFS is in Mall of Asia. It's on the second floor, a little ways across the stand-alone store of Etude House there (SM Department Store side). The brand is quite quirky and rather heavy-handed with the dino imagery - just the sort of thing I fall for! The products are quite promising with fairly affordable price points, with about P400-P600 as the average amount you should expect to shell out for per piece. There's nothing over P1,300! 

Too Cool For Skin BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF37 (around P900 if I remember correctly)

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