Too Cool For School Super Cleanser TAKKOZA Cleansing Tissue

There is a dichotomy in my personality: I'm a creature of habit, yet I am always actively searching for change. My day is dictated by a strict routine since it's the only way for me to accomplish all my tasks for each account and project I'm working on. However, I also have an eye out for new hobbies, acquisitions, any sort of plans. Once I go on a new, erm, rampage I simply can't stop until I'm done with it. Sometimes something else outside of my own actions change. Whichever it is, my routine is then ruined. 

It takes me some time to recover and get back to regular programming, so I'm working v. hard to make sure my Priorities are in The Right Place. I ask myself, "Do I really need to do this right now?" Glob I'm weak. I wish I can buy focus and turn into a low-calorie drink for whenever I need it.

Anyway. I thought I'd do a quick review of something I've been sitting on for a while - the Too Cool For School Super Cleanser TAKKOZA Cleansing Tissue (P555)! This is awesome. I know I should have told you sooner but I get sidetracked so easily! So why is this awesome? It removes pretty much all types of makeup, even water-resistant mascaras (tube, film-type) with the exception of waterproof mascara. This is a water-based makeup remover after all, so I'm alright with that. I don't regularly use waterproof mascara anyway!

The smell is clean and mild while the liquid in it doesn't sting my eyes at all. I also did not get any breakouts; I feel that this cleanses my skin well. 

This TCFS makeup remover is also very convenient to use since the packaging is much like a jar of wet wipes for babies. Just pull and that's it for dispensing! I don't have to muck about with cotton pads and the traditional resealable plastic bag. I'm a lazy beast. If I can cut corners in removing makeup, I WILL.

I just wish I don't have to use up so many wipes to remove makeup thoroughly (average of three to four). This jar with about 70 pulls lasted me less than two months. The product isn't all that expensive but it's not that cheap either, still, I think the convenience and efficacy makes it worth the price. Also, they sell refills! They are slightly cheaper at P449 for 70 sheets.

Size of the TCFS wipe is about a third of a normal wipe. Nonetheless, it's very effective in melting and wiping off makeup!

I haven't been able to repurchase because I am rarely in SM Mall of Asia these days, unfortunately. That's the nearest Too Cool For School branch to me, although there's another one in SM North EDSA for you Northerners! I will definitely buy this again when I get the chance. :) Try it out too! 

What's your current makeup remover?

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TCFS is probably the most morbid cosmetics brand in the world. High five!

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