Hot from Revlon: New concealer, powder, cream shadow, and mascara

I am really liking Revlon's latest releases. I've been writing about the brand's new products consistently for two years now, and I can tell you this with conviction: they have improved immensely. I have this impression that they listen to what the customers want, so each release brings something new to the table. Sometimes in increments, or in the case of the new mascara, a huge leap!

I loved the Revlon PhotoReady Concealer enough to finish one tube. I always end up grabbing it because it's so convenient and easy to blend out! Also, other than MAC, I find that Revlon gives me a great and consistent shade match when it comes to their face bases (at least one me). It's the same with the new Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Concealer.

I have a good feeling about this one. ;) It's pigmented enough to cover blemishes, but it shines as an undereye concealer due to its emollient texture that doesn't slip around. Tip: go one shade lighter when wearing undereye concealer if you need to brighten your undereyes. If you have normal undereyes, same shade you use on your blemishes should be alright.

I haven't tried the Age Defying Pressed Powder yet, so I have no insights for now. The translucent one looks good for retouching though!

The Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks are promising. I'm underwhelmed by the graphite one, but Torch (dark coppery red) is pretty good! It's creamy, pigmented and doesn't slide off. It's great by itself, as a base for eyeshadows or as an eyeliner. I will definitely do a full review soon.

Last but not the least, here's the Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lengthening Mascara. It's my favorite out of the new recruits! ;) It promises not to smear, flake, or smudge, and would you believe it - IT DOESN'T. It's surprising for me as Revlon's last few mascaras tended to smudge after a couple of hours. I also love Overtime because it's washable even though it gives my lashes so much drama.

It clumps easily because it dries fast, so you must move fast when you apply.

And that's it. :) Which of these new Revlon products will you most likely try out?