The road to wardrobe curation is paved with steely intentions

Lately I feel frustrated just looking at my closet. I bought quite a few things last year but now, it's like I can't even wear them with anything I have! It's either, oh it's too young, too plain, or oh you look way too chunky in it (the last is probably caused by the gratuitous eating ha ha). I am feeling a terrible itch to just do away with most of the things I have in my wardrobe. Hmm, maybe I should do a closet sale soon?

My fashion resolution this year can be summarized in one word: curate. I want to edit out not only my selection of clothes, but the way I purchase them. I realized that I usually go to a store to buy clothes for an event, so I end up with a bunch of flashy things that I would probably never wear after the first (or okay, second) time. They're too striking to wear for a work thing, and to wear them again and again to a different event with the same people - well that just won't do in my line of work.

So instead of buying glam dresses and cheap one-time accent pieces all the time, I have come up with a sensible battle plan. I have made a specific list of all the clothes I feel I need. Before the year ends, I will have all these flattering basics in my closet! Whatever the cost.

I had to emphasize "whatever the cost" because I usually balk at too-expensive clothes (anything upwards P1,500 to be specific). It's okay for me to spend on shoes and bags, but clothes? I have to get rid of this notion that clothing is disposable, temporary. You and I grew up in a word where fast fashion rules extreme. Clothes are so cheap, that they are literally meant to be worn only a few times before they fall apart! The trends are also so fleeting and that shortens the life span of the items we buy. No wonder we stare at the closet and think we have nothing to wear. 

Not that I have anything against trends. They represent not only a look, but an idea. A mood. A nowness. When you're young or work in a specific industry where you need to look like you're keeping with the times, then it's healthy to pay attention to trends.

However, moderation is key when following what's trendy. Just an item or two mixed with the basics is perfect for daily happenings. Here's my list of what I consider as basics - well at least the basics that I don't have yet or need to update. I think these will help me come up with more sensible yet still stylish combinations. 

This is customized for my personal style and body type of course. You should make yours too!

Jackets and blazer help streamline the figure, and they are work-friendly!

Sweaters for errands, lazy dressing. I still haven't fully accepted t-shirts outside the house unless it's an I'm-too-cool white v-neck.

These are the most flattering bottoms on me. I have a straight waist so I like shorts and skirts that create the illusion of a curvy one. I imagine it's different for other figures!

Random interesting tops to change up my look

I'm not going to be a total Nazi and stop shopping at Forever 21 and SM Department store, okay. I would still buy the occasional one-time piece, but the difference now is that I have a list. A plan. A steely determination to turn away from "ooohhh purty" clothes more often. 

And that is that. Do you have a fashion battle plan too? Any specific items you absolutely need in your closet but always conveniently forget to buy? Would love to hear all about it. ;)