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Dress for the holidays with the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints Collection!

Are you ready to get all dolled up for the slew of parties and reunions you scheduled this season? Extra special touches to our hair, makeup, and clothes get us in the right mood to party, plus knowing that we look fab helps us brush off those rude "tumaba ka" comments that people make. If only we could all dress like Barbie, right? Well, thanks to Plains & Prints, now we can!

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The road to wardrobe curation is paved with steely intentions

Lately I feel frustrated just looking at my closet. I bought quite a few things last year but now, it's like I can't even wear them with anything I have! It's either, oh it's too young, too plain, or oh you look way too chunky in it (the last is probably caused by the gratuitous eating ha ha). I am feeling a terrible itch to just do away with most of the things I have in my wardrobe. Hmm, maybe I should do a closet sale soon?

My fashion resolution this year can be summarized in one word: curate. I want to edit out not only my selection of clothes, but the way I purchase them. I realized that I usually go to a store to buy clothes for an event, so I end up with a bunch of flashy things that I would probably never wear after the first (or okay, second) time. They're too striking to wear for a work thing, and to wear them again and again to a different event with the same people - well that just won't do in my line of work.

So instead of buying glam dresses and cheap one-time accent pieces all the time, I have come up with a sensible battle plan. I have made a specific list of all the clothes I feel I need. Before the year ends, I will have all these flattering basics in my closet! Whatever the cost.

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Show and tell

I haven't been posting my outfits lately for the simple reason that I don't have any photos of them. -_- I'm usually rushing out, but that excuse aside, I also don't have anyone to take photos of me. So here's what I'm going to do: I will just share some of the new stuff I bought or got in the mail. I've been on a mission to update my wardrobe lately, and here are some of the things I carted!

This is my favorite find. It's a jacket from Apple & Eve (P1,500)! I forget what this type of jacket is called, but I've been looking for something like this for some time. I love that it's light, perfect for our weather, and it fits me so well! Can't wait to wear it out.


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Ever New is coming to Manila

How do you feel about new foreign brands coming to the Philippines at breakneck speeds? I'm loving it! More brands mean more options for picky shoppers like me. The important bit is that prices become more competitive. Gone are the days when new brands can enter at prices that are 50% more than their SRP abroad. (Or am I just kidding myself? Still, let's not forget to buy Pinoy!)

Anyway, there's going to be a new clothing brand in town! It's called Ever New, a  brand founded in Melbourne, Australia. Ever New emerged in late 2006 as a start-up retailer and now trades over 120 stores across seven countries including New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, and now, the Philippines.

Their PR sent me a few photos to whet the appetite. If you like elegant, feminine clothes, then I think you'll love Ever New. 


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Mannish basics

Have you checked up on your closet lately? In all your shopping sprees, have you remembered to stock up on the absolute basics? I did a closet sweep last week and noticed that out of my many my white t-shirts, I didn't have THE white t-shirt: a Hanes v-neck cotton shirt! How could I have been so foolish all these years?

The small size fit me perfectly, and better yet, it only cost me a little more than P200. How cool is that?

So anyway, speaking of basics, I love how the combination of my straight-cut Levi's jeans, Charles & Keith leather loafers, and thrifted faux leather jacket looks like! It's relaxed yet extremely stylish. Perfect for errand days and for meeting with friends. I also love that I can easily amp the look up with some accessories and crazy high heels.

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