K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer

Whoever formulates and makes K-Palette cosmetics should get a medal. Seriously. All their products are amazing! Well the ones I've tried so far that is. Remember their Real Lasting Eyeliner? The Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow pen? These are staples for me!

It's no surprise that ended up loving their under-eye makeup as well. The K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (P895) is a heavy coverage, heavy duty concealer that can zap the darkest eye bags. It comes in three variants, three shades with different skincare and color-correcting purposes. You can also use them for skin discoloration and blemishes!

Here are my thoughts on this gem of a concealer. 

What I love about the product

  • Coverage is opaque yet very smooth - perfect for really dark eye bags. It looks like skin when blended properly; no cakiness here.
  • It is water and oil-resistant. You can cry with this and it won't budge. It's also great for girls with oily under-eyes. Once it has set, it just pretty much stays there until you soap or wipe it with makeup remover.
  • It doesn't settle on fine lines. 

Type/1, Type/2, Type/3. Don't view it as a gradation, dark to light. These shades are designed for color correction!

The neutral beige is a catchall shade, the yellow one is for brightening, the orange-y one is for obvious capillaries and purplish skin around the eyes

  • Easy to work with. It glides along skin and blends with your color even though the shade doesn't match at first. It's best to use with fingers.
  • It's supposed to be infused with skincare ingredients - serum - to help lessen dark circles. Haven't seen any major effect but I like the thought of having an extra boost under my eyes.
  • Doesn't dry the sensitive skin around the eyes.
  • A little amount goes a super long way. 
  • It's only P895. Not exactly cheap but for the amount you get (13 grams) vs the amount you need per application, it's a great deal. 

My bags aren't particularly dark but my eye shape makes them look puffy and shadowy

Dabbed some Zero Kuma Type/2 (brightening). This is the definition of too much, but thankfully the concealer still blended properly! It's very light upon application but it somehow melts onto my skin tone.

Tip: when using a concealer that's much lighter than your skintone, you can use it also as a highlighter. I like brightening the center of my face by blending the concealer in triangles near my nose; making my nose and temple appear higher than they are; and hiding dark corners near my mouth and nose.

Ta dah! My eyebags are less puffy and dark now! The concealer is also invisible. :) I didn't take pics of the other two shades because they all look the same on me when blended.

What I don't like about the product

  • I'm iffy about the slant-tip tube because it's hard to get the right amount of product. However, I realized that's a small price to pay for having concealer that's not contaminated by a double-dipped wand. I do hope that K-Palette will consider a tube with a pointed tip in the future. 


If you have really dark or puffy eye bags, you will LOVE the K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer. It has heavy coverage with an illuminating finish (slightly shiny but no shimmer) so that it looks like skin. It's also super long-lasting, both in terms of wear and product usage! 

This is the concealer to have, period. Oh, you can also use shade #1 for blemishes if you're NC30-35 like me. Not sure about which shade to get? Well my favorite is Type/ 2 because it brightens nicely. Type/1 is better if you have darker skin than I do (medium dark to dark), while Type/3 is ideal if you have bluish or purplish eye bags.


Love it! Yeah sure I love other under-eye concealers but they're rather expensive. Zero Kuma is quite affordable for me and performs well too. I will probably purchase it when I run out!

You can find K-Palette in all Beauty Bar outlets.