Vaseline Lip Therapy

It's a little mind-boggling for me that there are so many lip balm brands out there. You see, at the end of the day, they're all made of the same stuff and does more or less the same thing. The only differences are the packaging and how light or waxy they feel on the lips. 

No, scratch that. There is another important feature that oddly enough not all lip balms do well - that is, healing chapped lips. I had high hopes for Vaseline Lip Therapy because the balm feels light and cushy on my lips. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much for chapping.

Then again, it's also a matter of being "hiyang" to lip balm. In any case I don't often get chapped lips, so Vaseline Lip Therapy is nice to use for normal lip days.

What I love about the product

  • Feels satiny and light on the lips; there is none of that icky waxy sensation when I wear this.
  • Cherry tastes nice! It's slightly sweetish. It also smells nice - lightly scented, it doesn't have that strong chemical cherry fragrance.
  • The perfectly rounded applicator feels nice on the lips when coated with the balm. I like massaging it on, it's very relaxing.
  • A bit goes a long way. There's a generous 10 grams in the tube so you're bound to use this forever.


What I don't like about the product

  • Doesn't do much for chapped, flaking lips. It just sits on top so you get that feeling of relief since the balm soothes the chapping. But once it dries up, you're back to where you started: chapped lips.



If you have normal lips that aren't prone to chapping, the Vaseline Lip Therapy is an excellent balm. But if you want something that can really help fix the problem, go for Carmex Lip Balm. It's waxier and the smell is not as pleasant though. It really depends on what you need!


It's nice. I keep it by my work desk and use it whenever my lips feel dry. I still prefer Lip Ice, Aquafina, or Carmex over it though.