Avon double-ended eye brush

There are a lot of dirt cheap, awesome brushes out there, but the thing is we often have to dig around for them or accidentally find them. One "accidental" find of mine is this double-ended eye brush from Avon. As I remember this is only P150, but it's another mainstay in my vanity table.

I've actually had this for a few months now. I spotted it in this huge Avon bash at Republiq, just sitting there with no one really paying any attention to it. It was part of Avon's new mineral line at that time, but everyone was cooing about the kabuki brush and of course, the mineral makeup. I was impressed when I got to try this double-ended brush though - it packed a lot of color and applied it smoothly!

There are several reasons I like this brush, but it all boils down to its multi-functionality. This brush is an all-around wonder because the two ends can do your eye makeup in one go. For instance, the domed, natural-hair brush can apply lid color effortlessly. I know, that sounds a little doubtful, but when your splay it on your lid, you get the shape of a normal lid brush. Plus points because its density allows you to pack on the color even with chalky eyeshadow.

The domed shape also makes it perfect for applying crease color, and that delicate v-corner at the edge of your eyes. It can also triple as a blending brush.

The other end, a flat, pointed brush with synthetic hairs, can apply cream eyeshadow on the lid, eyebrow color, or spot concealer. It's best function though is as an eyeliner brush. The truth is I've never used an eyeliner brush like this before - but it works far better than a pencil brush or angled brush when used with a cream liner. It's easy to maneuver to get that perfect line. Way easier to clean, too.

Currently, you won't find this in the Avon brochure, but I hear that it appears once in a while. Better ask your Avon lady for it! Or wait for it in the bi-monthly Avon brochure. Definitely nice to have, especially for travelling.