Eyelet, leather, and weight loss

You think white is a sweet color, the color of purity and the symbol of all that is good and spotless. But it's such a bitch to wear if you're on the chubby side (like me)! I coudn't resist this white eyelet dress when I saw it on the racks though. It looked passably alright when I tried it on so off it went to the shopping bag.

That said, I am feeling and looking huge lately. The last two months have been crazy and tiring, so I made up for it by eating a lot of take-away food. I was too pressed for time to cook, and also couldn't spend two hours in the supermarket. Aside from that, I simply lost control. I didn't care about what I ate and constantly made excuses not to exercise or cut back on the junk. It felt good to eat.  

And this, this is the result.

I promised myself only recently that I will start taking care of myself. No more fast food and soda and too much carbs. I will exercise thrice or more a week. At the end of this month, I told myself that my waistline will at least be back to 27. When I hit 26 after that I'll be content - I don't want to be rail thin, either.

The fridge is stocked with meat and vegetables. I purged all the pasta, rice, and bread, the juice drinks too. I'll probably indulge myself once or twice a week but when I'm home (which is most of the time anyway) I'll stick to the high-protein diet. I owe it to myself because I feel terrible whenever I gain weight. All my clothes look bad and no matter what makeup or skincare I use, my face still looks boated.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that being thin is automatically equivalent to being beautiful. It's just that when my weight is under control, I feel more comfortable and confident about myself, not to mention spry and alert. The bloatedness caused by carbs slows me down and doesn't help me with focusing on tasks at hand.

So. August - 27 inches. September - 26 inches. Wish me the best.

Thrifted leather jacket/ Eyelet dress from Market! Market/ Red belt from SM/ Bangle from Pinkbox/ Platform heels from Charles & Keith