Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Oily Skin Formula)

Say hello to my new favorite facial wash - the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Oily Skin Formula)! I've been using it everyday, twice a day for the past two weeks and my skin has definitely improved. I am a lot less oily, I don't break out as much, pores are tighter, blackheads don't bother me anymore (!) and my skin is generally smoother. I so, so love this product.

My first experience with a Clinique facial wash was about two years ago. I got samples from an event and was pretty psyched to use it. However, I found it disappointing since it didn't lather (not a fan of washes that don't soap up), made me oilier, plus it also broke me out! So since then I stayed far away from Clinique facial washes, thinking they're all like that.

Well, I was obviously wrong. About a month ago during my first Clinique party, I was talking to Mira (Clinique's Marketing Manager) about my search for a new cleanser. You guys know I love my Pond's Pure White facial wash, but while it's great for cleansing, it doesn't help clear up pimples as well as I'd like. Since I try out a lot of products for this blog, I tend to break out often, so I really need something to prevent pimples and help dry them up quickly. 


I asked Mira for a recommendation, telling her specifically that I want a facial wash that soaps up and cleanses very well. She recommended the Clinique Liquid Facial soap for oily skin. I was a bit wary though and didn't want to spend P1,600 for a huge-ass cleanser that may not work for me like last time, so she gave me a sample. I just bought the Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover since I was pretty sure it was good. 

The sample was tiny so it was good for only a few uses, but during those few uses, I already noticed a difference. I was so happy when Mira gave me the full size! These past week, people I haven't seen in months have commented that I look good, so that may be the cleanser's fault. :D

I highly recommend this product to girls who have problematic skin. Oily skin, pimples, even blemishes - this cleanser can help lessen these skin problems. The catch is that it's P1,600 for a 200ml bottle. It's quite pricey for a basic facial cleanser, but since you get a lot of product anyway and you only need a little (half-pump per use), I think it's worth it.

Before you rush out and get one though, I suggest you go through a consultation at the Clinique counter. This cleanser is specifically for Type 3 skin (oily-combination) and I'm pretty sure it won't work for, say, Type 1 (Dry) since it can be too drying. There are three variants of this Liquid Facial Soap: Extra Mild - Very Dry skin/ Mild - Normal to Dry skin/ Oily - Normal to Oily skin. 

Don't forget to ask for a sample and test this out first before buying the full size. What works for me may not work for you.

Anywaay, sorry for the long post. Can't help gushing. I'm definitely going to buy this when I run out!