Nivea Sun Invisible Protection SPF30 PA++

Are you lazy when it comes to wearing sunblock? Eh, tell me about it. I don't like how I have to blend blend blend just to remove the white cast and how I have to wait at least 20 minutes before the sun protection kicks in. However, thanks to technology, clear sunblock sprays are now available for us lazy daisies.

I got my first bottle of the  Nivea Sun Invisible Protection SPF30 PA++ spray more than a year ago. It became my constant companion during beach trips since it's idiot and lazy-proof to use: just spray and go! I also like using it when it's super EXTRA hot since I can't stand how lotion becomes so sticky when I sweat. Oh, this is also waterproof so it doesn't disappear as you sweat or swim.

Let's run through the pros and cons!

What I love about the product 

  • Super easy to use. The spray covers a lot of skin, and there's on need to rub it in to remove the white cast - there is no white cast. The product is a clear liquid.
  • The spray works even if you turn the bottle upside down to get to your back and lower legs.
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky. It takes a couple of minutes to dry completely, but when it does, you won't notice it's there anymore. 
  • A 150ml bottle lasts a decently long time. I've had my old one for a year, and it's only now that I'm finishing it up. I don't use it all the time though, to be fair.

  • I personally like how this can be used on top of your favorite moisturizer, instead of replacing it. The moisturizers I like usually don't have SPF so this spray is really helpful when I need sun protection.
  • Pretty affordable for the amount you get. I don't have the exact price right now, but I remember that this is roughly around P400. (Will get back to you on the price)
  • No skin reactions.


What I don't like about the product

  • The bottle surface is smooth, so if the liquid sunblock gets on it, it becomes really slippery. You'll have trouble spraying. I suggest wrapping a small towel on the bottle before you start using this. 
  • This is an alcohol-based product, which makes it a bit drying. Use moisturizer beforehand.
  • This product has a strong sunblock smell. Well, it is sunblock. At least the smell goes away as soon as it dries up, so it's not a problem for me.

My old bottle on the left. It's almost out, so I'm glad Nivea sent me this gift just in time!


The Nivea Sun Invisible Protection SPF30 PA++ is quick and easy to use. You'll never worry about a white cast or waiting for the protection to kick in. I recommend this to everyone who is lazy when it comes to sunblock! It's also perfect for people who already have favorite moisturizers without SPF.

However, if you have very dry or extra-sensitive skin, you may want to skip this because of its alcohol base.


I will confess that I'm super tamad when it comes to wearing sun protection, but this summer, that is no longer an excuse. I mean, have you felt the heat today? Yeah. I don't go out without anything lower than SPF30 to make sure that I don't burn and darken easily.

This Nivea spray has been a loyal companion so far, and I will gladly recommend it to everyone.