My Clinique Party

Last Saturday, I hosted a Clinique Party for my friends and readers. It was an afternoon of beauty consultations, kikay talks, and discovery. Mira, the Marketing Manager of Clinique, said she thought that everyone knew each other. I guess that's a compliment to everyone, because most of them met each other only for the first time!

I think everybody had fun because the event was so chill yet very informative. Clinique has its own beauty system - philosophy, if I may call it - that's been consistent since it was founded in the 60's. The core of the brand is the skin consultation where a Clinique expert determines your skin type and prescribes products for your personalized 3-step skincare system.

Aside from the 3-Step System, Clinique has the half face makeup demo. This is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to apply cosmetics on themselves. The Clinique consultant does half a face of makeup and then teaches you how to duplicate it. Neat right?

Here are more photos!

Clinique Bonus

Loot bags

I'd like to share some of the finished faces of Clinique. They have some of the best foundations out there, so you can see how the girls are fresh faced, as if they're not wearing any makeup.

Belle and her gorgeous outfit

Thanks to Mira of Clinique for the awesome party! :D Everyone got their own goody bag with samples, of course. All in all, it was a great afternoon and I wouldn't mind doing it again. What do you think of a Round Two? 

PS - Kira has a post about the event too!