How does packaging affect your spending pattern?

I wasn't that interested in packaging when I first started enthusing about beauty products. As long as the product works, then who cares about what it looks like? I put a premium on quality over appearance - and I still do - but I realized that using a beautifully packaged product makes me feel, well, prettier.

Is it just a psychological thing? Is it marketing brainwash? I'm sure more learned academics have figured it out. I try to rationalize this behavior but at the end of the day I still get a kick when I use beautiful things. That explains my love for Apple products and makeup that looks good even before I apply it.

Two current favorites are the Majolica Majorca foundation and a Paul & Joe lipstick from their new Parasol collection.

Packaging looks amazing, and it helps that the products are pretty good. I do own equally good or even better makeup, but I find myself enjoying these two more, especially when I retouch in public.

So, how about you? Does packaging play a role in your decision to buy something?