Love: Color Collection Triple Effect Mascara

I used to consider mascara as an unnecessary part of my makeup routine. It’s a hassle to wear and a hassle to remove, plus they keep hitting my glasses whenever I blink! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice extra to wear for special events, but I don’t use them every time I go out. That is, until I started wearing contacts recently.

A lot of things changed since I started wearing contacts. I’m now more meticulous about my eye makeup since every mistake is easily seen. I’m more careful about the junk I put near my eyes too, since I can’t risk irritation or worse, infection. I also started going crazy over mascara - I rarely go out now without at least one layer of it. 


So, I’d like to share my current favorite mascara: the Colour Collection Triple Effect Mascara (P499). I didn’t like it at first, but when I got the hang of it, this mascara and I have become inseparable! 

What I love about the product

  • Looks very natural, close to real lashes. I haven’t tried mascara like this before! Although one layer doesn’t do much, it’s in the second coat where the magic happens. It makes my lashes look like a thick fringe, thanks to the small fibers in the formula.
  • It lengthens my lashes without clumping - the tips don’t droop too.
  • Holds the curl of my lashes pretty well. 

  • Waterproof. Crying or splashing it with water won’t make it budge.
  • Volumizes nicely. It brings out eyelashes I didn’t even know I had.
  • Love the wand! It’s the right size for me. I use the end with the long spikes first to bring out and lengthen lashes, then I use the shorter side to volumize on the second coat.

  • Even with three coats, the product feels light on my lashes.
  • Affordable. It’s only P499 per tube!  


What I don’t like about the product 

  • It smudges after three to four hours. Although not in a major way ha. There’s just a bit of black on the lower lids. I remove it by swiping a bit of foundation on it.
  • Hard to remove! I use an oil-based remover (Clinique Take The Day Off) but it still takes some work.
  • Minor complaint: I don't like the box that comes with it. The print of the image looks blurry so it looks a bit cheap.



I highly recommend this mascara to girls who like natural-looking, lush lashes that you can depend to stay on during the day. Just remember to swipe out the smudging to keep your look clean!


Love it. My last favorite was the L’Oreal Curl Impact, but I found it too heavy on my eyes, plus it has a tendency to clump. I like the CC Triple Effect better because it’s light and looks perfectly natural on the eyes. I use it every single time I leave the house! Unless I find something better, I will definitely buy this when I run out.