Skintroduction to VMV Hypoallergenics

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Pam, the Marketing Coordinator for VMV Hypoallergenics. I must confess that I was pretty excited about the casual meeting because I've always been curious about the brand. I've heard so many good things about their Armada sunblocks and line of foundations, and of course, their claim about being completely hypoallergenic.

Did you know that VMV is a proudly Pinoy brand? I was really surprised when I first heard about that a couple of years ago. VMV is so well-packaged, so well-branded, that many of us are not aware that it started right here back in 1979. It's local, but it has a global mindset. Currently, VMV can also be found in New York, UAE, and Hong Kong among others.

It's among the first brands in Asia to formulate a hypoallergenic line, going as far as creating its own rating system for each product. According to VMV, they have 76 known allergens that can be harmful to some skin. In each box you'll see a rating (called the VH-Rating System) which says how allergen-free the product is. So if it's -73/76, it means that there are three known allergens* in the product which may or may not affect your skin. Some may be more sensitive than others, after all, but I'm betting on the latter. Kudos to VMV for being honest about this.

That said, I'm very excited to try out their skincare line (especially the Armada) and foundation. :D For the meantime, here's what they sent me:

Ooh-La-Lash mascara, lipgloss, lipsticks

Reviews soon! Oh, don't forget to follow them on Facebook for updates on new products and promos. ;)


*In the link to the website, it says there are only 27 known allergens. It hasn't been updated yet (last was 2009) since there are now 76 known allergens.