Etude House Party Queen Gradation Nails

I loved the concept of the Etude House Party Queen Gradation Nails from the minute I saw it. Frosts and silver glitter, oh, count me in! It's a gorgeous set of matching polishes that'll really draw attention to your hands in any party.

I've had Etude House nail polishes before and really enjoyed using them. They're easy to work with and dry quickly which makes them such a steal at only around P50 each. Please do read the review for a few more details, but the short of it is that these polishes are pretty good considering the price. 

To use this gradation nail set, all you have to do is apply them in three layers, from the lightest to the darkest. The almost clear, pearly polish goes on first - you apply it all over your nails. The gray-silver polish with bigger glitters come in second (apply only halfway from the nail bed), while the all-out silver glitter goes on the tip of the nails. You can set it with your preferred clear polish, but I used the pearly polish in the set for a last coat of subtle shimmer.

It's hard to photograph the cuteness of this nail look, but trust me, it's so pretty! The glitters may look intimidating to work with, but they're easy to arrange once you get the hang of it. The cool thing is, it's ok if you make a mistake, since it won't show immediately due to the intentionally coarse finish of these polishes. 

Overall, great stuff! Will definitely play around with these with other color combinations. 

What nail polish are you currently wearing? What do you think of Etude House nail polishes?