Etude House VIP Girl Nail Polish

I paint my nails whenever I'm stressed or when I need to focus. If you've ever done a perfect paint job, then you know it takes quite a bit of concentration and patience to achieve. Painting my nails calms me down and allows me to be single-minded for the next hour or so. That's valuable for someone whose day requires too much multi-tasking!

Anyway, one nail polish brand that I really like is the Etude House VIP Girl Nail Polish. It's pretty awesome! It's cheap (only P48), applies smoothly, pigmented, and dries quickly with no streaks or bubbles. I didn't experience any staining so far. For P48, I think I got a great deal.

Etude House VIP Girl Nail Polish in GR605 and YL802

I love both the shades I got, especially the turquoise one. It's more green than blue with a matte finish. Very in season right now and surprisingly versatile - it feels right with whatever outfit I have for the day. The egg yolk yellow (no other description for it!) shade instantly brightens up dark and tired-looking cuticles.

I'm definitely buying more shades in the future! I got mine from the beauty section of the SM Megamall department store, but of course you can also score one in the Etude House in Megamall. 

Anyway, have you tried this nail polish? What's your feedback?