KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation

Morning, guys. Today we have a pretty guest blogger to review an interesting liquid foundation. Say hi to Tracie, and don't forget to read her blog, Tracie the Diva

We all know that mineral foundation is healthier for our skin, especially for problematic skin. Without the harsh chemicals, the skin could benefit from fewer breakouts. But the annoying thing about mineral make-up is the mess since it’s usually in loose powder form. It takes more effort in applying the make-up and cleaning up your dresser. 

I think Kanebo has heard the woes of MMU users and created the KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation (P900). Though they are not the first to release mineral foundation in liquid form, so far it is one of the best I’ve tried!

Texture. As most liquid foundations are applied with either a sponge or a brush because most are thick and getting it even on the skin is a challenge, the texture of this liquid foundation is light but not runny so you can use your fingers to blend it out when you’re in a hurry.

Shade match. I have the shade OC-D (close to MAC NC35) that is their darkest shade. It has a strong yellow undertone that flatters most Filipina skin tones. It does look very yellow at first but once blended in, it disappears on skin.

For reference, I am light medium to medium toned, with yellow understones (NC35)

Coverage. Though it feels light on the skin it dries matte and it has medium coverage that can cover some discoloration on the skin like dark circles and some spots. For more obvious marks like pimples and scars, you would still need a concealer. The finish is very natural, as you can see in the photos.

Outdoor lighting

Indoor lighting

Staying power. I like how it stays on all day (12 hours) on my normal to dry skin. When I use my regular liquid foundation, at the end of the day, I feel like my face is super oily and shiny but with this, the matte finish is replaced by a dewy glow. 

Sun protection and packaging. The KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation already has SPF so you can protect your skin from the sun! I also love the packaging. It comes in a tube with a nozzle tip so you can easily control how much product comes out with no product wastage.

Points to improve on. My beef with this: it only contains 25g. If you’re going to use this everyday, you’ll have to go through a lot of tubes. I’m a bit on the fence about the price; I feel P900 is expensive for a small amount.

Oh and one more thing, every information apart from the name is in Japanese! Even the box! I would have loved to know what the ingredients are in this foundation to avoid possible allergic reactions - and if it is REALLY mineral make-up. I hope they can change the packaging and translate everything.

Verdict. All things considered, I’m very happy with this product and when I run out, I will definitely go out and buy another tube!