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J-Beauty Love: My three favorite things from Kate Tokyo's new collection

Sparks flew the first time I experience Kate Tokyo in the summer of 2016. It was during a media event launching a line of eyeshadows and face bases that I found myself captivated with this J-beauty brand’s take on edgy makeup. More so, it was when I learned to do the life-changing vertical gradation eyeshadow technique that made my monolids look bigger and brighter! I’ve been doing my eye makeup that way every since.

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First Look: Kate Tokyo drops a new line with foundation and eye makeup

I first learned about Kanebo from my mom way back when I was grade school. Watching her use it as I grew up, it was also the brand I sought when I started buying my own makeup. The price was out of range for my student budget though so I gravitated towards the more affordable Kate Tokyo (it was simply known as "Kate" then). Kate Tokyo doesn’t get as much attention as other Kanebo brands like Lunasol and Impress but it's like Kanebo’s chic, trendier sister! It offers the same high quality expected of a Japanese heritage brand but at a price that's on the pocket. This season, Kate Tokyo is releasing some new products and improving on their existing ones as well. Let's explore!

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