Gift from Etude House

Yesterday, I dropped by Market! Market! to pick up a lovely gift from Etude House. We agreed that I was to pick it up today, but since I was in the area yesterday, I thought I'd take a chance and just see if the package was already available. And it was! I know that sounds like a small thing but it was a very pleasant surprise for busy bee me.

I got the Wanna Be Collection as illustrated by Annika Wester. The packaging is, to put it mildly, absolutely gorgeous! The illustrations are ace but the matte, thick cartons really add to that expensive feeling. I can't bear to throw the boxes away!

The Etude Girl illustrations by Annika Wester

Loving this lipstick - I WILL do a full review soon!

Other things in the package:

Party Queen Gradation Nails. This is so me. I can't wait to wear it! Would have done so last night but since I have a work meeting today I put off the tranny nails.

Glitters pa lang ulam na


Also got this Minime World Traveler perfume. Love the bottle, it looks like a matryoshka doll!

And that's what I got. Reviews soon! What are you interested in? :D