Venus & Mars Lip Butter Tints

This is the first time I've been acquainted with the organic brand, Venus & Mars. Yes I know, I know, but I'm not big on organic stuff to begin with. In any case, I can say that we're off to a good start! I'm currently loving the Venus & Mars Lip Butter Tints. I have the one in Cherry Berry and it's pretty good.

It gives a pigmented, lipstick-like wash of color that looks lovely with a couple of swipes. I love that the colors leaves a nice stain even after eating or drinking. Plus, the product is moisturizing and doesn't feel greasy or waxy at all.

Cherry Berry is a rich shade that looks like how its name promises. It has a slightly glossy finish that fades after an hour or two, leaving a strong stain.

This swatch doesn't do the tint justice. It looks patchy and faded here, but in person it's very much vibrant, redder, and opaque.

Great stuff. If you're looking for an organic lip color that doesn't bust your budget or dries your lips in a waxy mess, the Venus & Mars Lip Butter Tints are a must-try. I don't have price info yet, but I'm sure it's affordable. Let me know in the comments if you know how much!