For the men in your life: Watsons Men

Skincare, whether you are a man or a woman, is not an option. There's no stigma when women take precious care of their skin, but men? It seems that the prevailing thought is that if you're a guy and you use something other than soap and shampoo, you're considered metrosexual or even gay. That's unfair and quite counterproductive. If men can't not brush their teeth, then they also can't not use a proper facial wash, toner, and moisturizer.

Maybe the stigma lies in how products are packaged. Let me share a conversation I had with someone from a giant skincare company. The rep remarked that they are surprised that their new facial wash (then) was so successful, even men were buying them. It appears that men thought the new facial wash was for them simply because the tube was black.

Maybe guys don't feel as shy about skincare when the packaging is very much male. What do you think? If that's the case then they will love Watsons Men skincare line, with it's macho metal tubes and sporty bottles.

I gave this to my brother and he loves it! He used to use another brand but he didn't see any improvement with his skin. With the full Watsons Men line though, he said he was less oily and his face was clearer. He didn't break out either. 

The facial wash is in foam form so it's easy to use without much rubbing. The toner, on the other hand, is in gel form, which eliminates the need for cotton balls. The moisturizer is also light so oily guys will really appreciate it.

Oh, this stuff also comes in neat travel sizes!

Watsons Men also has three different shower gels. The bottles are quite sporty with a hand grip design plus bright, basic colors accented by black. They smell, well, male and musky. I used them a couple of times and they are great basic shower gels. I just wish they aren't so drying.

So, if you're looking for something to get the men in your life, I highly recommend checking out Watsons Men. The skincare line is great, plus it's not expensive even though the packaging is so luxe!

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