Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Pink

Do you know how the Bobbi Brown empire started? No? Ten lipsticks. That's how. Bobbi Brown is famous for her foundations, gel eyeliner, and blushes, but it was with lipsticks that the cosmetics company started off in the 1990s. You should read her lipstick diaries, an account of the inspirations and descriptions of her first ten lipsticks to understand the love that went into making them.

I got my first Bobbi Brown lipstick around two years ago when I got acquainted with the brand. It was called Brownie Pink and became my constant companion to, well, everywhere. It was a wearable color that was my perfect MLBB! For Bobbi, lipsticks are considered as foundations. That is, the most flattering lipstick is the one that's the exact shade of your lips. That's what Brownie Pink was to me: my lip foundation.

Of course, you should also have fun with your lip color by trying out bright and sultry shades. I recently got a Bobbi Brown lipstick simply called Pink, and oh, what a gorgeous pink it is!

Pink is a hot pink shade, but it's not neon bright. It's quite wearable since there's some brown in the formula. It looks great with neutral makeup when I want a pop of color, and also plays with bright eyeshadows well. 

Packaging is simple but has some heft, and the gold part never fades or looks tacky over time.

The formula is long-wearing and leaves an even stain after I eat and drink. However, it's a little dry, so I always wear lip balm underneath.

Great stuff overall! I've been wearing this lipstick a LOT since I got it.

How about you, have you tried Bobbi Brown lipsticks yet? :D