OOTD: Bandages and leather

I got this body-hugging dress at Forever 21 some months back and I absolutely love it. However, it's too revealing chest-wise. Too tight. Sorry, I'm such an old lady. I just believe that women look better when they don't bare too much - remember this thing called mystery? Girls my age forget that they're more interesting that way.

So! I wore the dress with a thrifted leather jacket (I know, one of my best finds. Got it for only P250) and an SM necklace to cover up. I love how it turned out.

Forever 21 dress | Thrifted leather jacket | Ferretti pumps | Avon Manzzini bag | Accessories from Parfois and SM

 I also wore these Ferretti pumps for the first time. I walked A LOT that day since I assisted my brand at the Global Pinoy Bazaar, met someone, then hied off to the Clinique party and stood for two hours. My feet hurt, yes, but only because I've been on it the whole day. I'm happy I wore those pumps!