Is that your bikini or your skin?

Have you watched No Other Woman yet? You should! It's fun and it's funny. I watched it by myself a couple of weeks back and IT IS WILD. I felt a little strange chuckling to myself whenever the immortal lines are uttered by the characters, but hell, the whole experience was worth it.

One of the memorable lines there was spoken by Cristine Reyes' character to Anne Curtis (the "other woman"). Background: Anne was lounging by the pool in her snakeskin bikini. After exchanging barbs, Cristine asks with her fight face on, "Bikini mo ba yan? O balat mo? (Is that your bikini? Or is that your skin?)". LOL!


Anyway, that's what I was thinking of when I bought these new pumps from Ferretti. It's actually our best-selling design but I've never tried it on...until yesterday. It felt so nice on my feet. Also, with the faux white snakeskin + camel suede combination, I was sold!

Love it. Btw, here's our new shopping bag. Our color is now orange, plus we changed the logo. Call me biased but I like it! Hehe.

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