Winners of the Levi's "I Believe" Contest

Sorry for the late post! This week has been extra hectic for me. I only had time today to review all the entries, then I'm off to Baguio to vacation! Whee. So. Anyway, I judged entries based on the quality and honesty of the post.

Here are the three winners of my Levi's contest! Hope you click their links and read their entries, because there are valuable lessons to learn from them. ;)

Bianca says " Imagine a world where everyone knew how to love and be loved...Give and receive...Consider and be taken into consideration...Respect and gain respect... All because the parents took the extra mile to teach and lead by example."

Sorbetera says "I believe in giving up your comfort zone in pursuit of something better, something bigger. Only if we take chances will we truly become better people. No, “better” is cutting it too specific. Only if we take chances will we have the opportunity to become more than what we are."

Ysera says "I believe that life is an adventure, that there is so many things out there are worth seeing, doing and experiencing. I am passionate about travel and I try to get the most out of my life while I still can and maybe, even for a short while, I can feel free."


Congratulations to all the winners! Each will be receiving a P1,000 gift certificate which can be redeemed in all Levi's Stores. Please email me (liz [at] your full names, cellphone numbers, and shipping addresses. Levi's digital agency will be the one sending you the GCs.

To those who didn't win, don't worry! I will have a big contest within the week. *wink* Stay tuned and please join!