Musings on a rainy Saturday

Today I want to talk about love.

I've been in love with the same man for more than three years now. First time we met, there was no explosion of feeling. No fireworks crackling. No romance, we weren't swept away. First time we met it was the most natural thing in the world. It was like we've known each other for ages and that we knew exactly what we wanted from that day on - to simply be together. Corny but true story.

It's not fun to tell our story because nothing much happens in it. There's rarely any drama or conflict. We never fight. Our life together can be summarized in two words: quietly happy.

He offers his elbow or hand whenever we walk. I raise his sleeve so I can hold his hand completely. We prefer watching movies at Greenbelt 3, where Red Mango is nearby with our favorite green tea yogurt. We like having dinner in Serendra, where I ramble on his ear and he nods interestedly and then tells me to zip it as the food is being served.

We like doing groceries together where I sneak in a forbidden fattening snack. He asks me to take it back but I pout a bit and then he eventually lets me have it.

We like taking walks around the neighborhood. We talk about our future together.

Have you ever been in love? What kind of Iove have you had?


Liz Lanuzo11 Comments