Contest: What do you believe in?

I believe in love and happiness, because if they don't exist, what else is there that's worth striving for? Money, fame, success, Facebook fans? I have found the love of my life and I am happy with what I do. I will always want more, but I've got the bases covered pretty well.

That said, I'd like to announce that folks from Levi's will be sponsoring a contest for Project Vanity readers! Up for grabs are three Levi's gift certificates worth P1,000 each. That's a huge discount if you're planning to get a new pair of Levi's (I highly recommend their ID Curve jeans. Love em).

So what do you have to do? Simple. Just make your own "I Believe" badge using this Facebook app. It's really super easy and shouldn't take more than a minute to finish.

Some requirements:

  • Badge must be used as the Facebook profile pic of the contestant for the duration of the contest. The description must read: "Please visit to make your own I Believe Badge"
  • Badge must be shared on the Facebook Wall of the contestant. (After the badge has been made, there's an option to share it on your Wall). 
  • Leave a comment on this post linking to your Facebook page and (OPTIONAL) giving a short explanation about the things you believe in. Be creative and give it your best shot, because we will be picking the best entry personally - not through a randomizer.

Increase your chances of winning

  • Tweet it, Plurk it, write a Facebook note on it, blog it. Don't forget to give me the links here! 


And that's it. The contest will run from today until September 1. I will announce the winners on September 3. The gift certificates will be shipped off to three lucky winners. Good luck!