Anew 360° White: Protective and Vitalizing

It was a lazy Sunday morning a few months back. My mom was slung over the sofa while talking to her amiga over the phone. They went through their usual office chismis - who's fatter, who will get demoted or promoted, who's being a bitch - the works. I love eavesdropping on their conversations. There's so much drama!

After the gossiping, my mom's friend seemed to ask advice about her dating problem. She's a single mom who's nearing her 50s (yes I know the whole saga of her life) so she feels that she needs to step up. My mom then started talking about her moisturizing regimen, how she uses the stuff religiously everyday, and how much her skin has improved. I quite agree with her; her face is whiter and more even now.

Wanna know what she swears by? The Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams.

I've tried the Protective Cream some months back since I forgot to bring an SPF face product to the province. It was the only thing my mom had in her vanity table so I had no choice - better have something than nothing! I hate being exposed to direct sunlight with zero SPF on my face at least.

I like that this has SPF20 and has a texture that is lighter than the average drugstore sunblock. It's also beautifully packaged, with a bit of heft on it. The glass jar doesn't feel cheap at all! Makes me feel like a goddess with a secret jar of youth and beauty, lol.

The promise

On the product itself: I feel that it is a bit heavy on my skin. The product is really designed for dry or mature skin, so my combination-oily face is not suitable for it. It takes some time to absorb on me.

Avon also sent me the Vitalizing Cream, which is to be used at night. 

This one I like better than the Protective Cream. It's very light and has a slight gel-like texture. It feels very cool when applied on the face.

The promise

If your skin is feeling a little dry (especially when you sleep with the aircon on), this cream can provide a quick boost that can make your face look more supple in the morning. The feel and texture is reminiscent of my super fave, the Clinique Moisture Surge. Anew has a thicker formula though.

Here's a comparison between the two creams. On the left is the Protective Cream, which you can see looks like a sunblock, while the Vitalizing cream is more fluid.

I recommend these Anew 360° White creams to dry-skinned and mature women who need heavier, more concentrated moisturizers that target their skin's needs. The Anew creams are very affordable too, at only P799 pero 30g jar. A little goes a long way!

On my end, I'll probably start using Anew when I'm a little older. My mom and I have the same skin-type so I know that what works for her will work for me! I hope my mom's friend found the recommendation useful in improving her dating prowess, hehe.


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