Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick

Something called "Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact" can really set high expectations. The promise of Avon is that this line of lipsticks can give our lips high-def drama, with pinks pinker and reds redder compared to their other lipstick lines. Well, that's a fair enough claim, but I would have loved to get my hands on their older collections to see if there really is a difference. 

L-R: Pink Pop, Fuchsia Fun, Kicked Up Coral, Really Rosy, Brilliant Berry, Rockin' Red

In any case, I've been using these lippies for a week now and found them really good. However, they are not as pigmented as their name would suggest. I initially thought they'd be similar to Revlon Colorburst, NYX Round Lipsticks, and NYX Lips. No, this particular line may have meant differently when they went under the name "ultra color rich" and "mega impact".

These lipsticks have a brilliant, glossy finish that I haven't come across yet. I think they're on a class of their own - the finish isn't satiny, plasticky like lip gloss, or creamy. I'd call it lustrous. There are 11 shades available in the Philippines, from nude to daring red.

What I love about this product

  • The texture is very creamy, which means that it glides on easily. It's very moisturizing - I don't even use balm underneath.
  • I would agree that the colors are high-impact in the sense that they do stand out when they're worn. They tend to draw in light to my face!
  • Wears comfortably. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips.
  • The lipstick bullets come in a molded crystal shape that I find quite elegant. Don't worry, the sharp angles actually make application more precise, at least in my case.
  • Love the watermelon scent! I am mad about that fruit! 
  • Has SPF 15

What I don't like

  • The tubes are fat and rounded, so you may be surprised that the product inside is not as wide.
  • A bit expensive for an Avon lipstick at P499.
  • The glitters are quite obvious. You can't feel them, but you'll see them, especially when the lipstick is already wearing off. They leave quite a trail if not wiped off properly.
  • So-so lasting power. In any case Avon has a line for that.
  • You may need to layer on the product to get the desired vibrancy.

Here are the swatches!

Pink Pop is a dainty, sheer pink with fine gold glitters. It doesn't look much in the photo, but it looks prettier in person!

Pink Pop for an au naturel look

Fuchsia Fun isn't actually very fuchsia; it's a warmer, stronger pink than Pink Pop

Kicked Up Coral is a warm, reddish shade that would look perfect on morenas

Really Rosy is a pretty watered down red

My powder is too white I know! I'm also road-testing the Revlon Photo Ready Powder (and other Revlon products) in this photo session :P

Charged Cherry is a reddish pink shade

Charged Cherry looks similar to Really Rosy in the pic, but they look a lot different in person, Charged Cherry having bluer undertones.

Brilliant Berry is exactly as its name describes

Rockin' Red is a plummy red with darkened glitters. This is the shade I used in this post (with the curly hair).

Rockin' Red on me


The Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick line is perfect for those who want to try vibrant, attention-grabbing colors that aren't too frightening. If you're on the lookout for everyday lippies that are flattering, moisturizing, and with SPF, then this is also for you. If you like applying gloss after your lipstick, this line saves you that tedious process.

If you'd like to own some bright, traffic-stopping lippies, try other brands.



I find the lipsticks good. They're flattering and easy to pair with everyday makeup, which is a huge plus for me. I do use them daily. My favorites? Fuchsia Fun and Really Rosy! I love the watermelon scent of the lipsticks. Now I want to nom on watermelons. Gah.


So what do you think? Will you be trying this line? It's going to be available from your fave Avon lady this August!