NYX Lips Lipstick

Perhaps the most common complaint about NYX Round Lipsticks is their lack of staying power. NYX attempts to solve that problem by providing a slightly more expensive line called NYX Lips.

So how different is Lips from the Round lipsticks? For one, it feels smoother, creamier, and thicker. It is also more opaque and pigmented, and that's saying a lot since RLs are already pigmented as they come. 

Black Cherry and Love Angel

The staying power of this line is definitely better than the RLs. The RLs tend to fade and get wiped out as soon as you eat or drink, but Lips keep their color for at least four hours. Eating and drinking will remove them, but there will be a stain left. In the case of Black Cherry, a very, very strong stain.

Love Angel is a nude, milky, cool pink

What I love about NYX Lips is how moisturizing they are. I don't even need to use balm before applying them. In terms of packaging, the matte black case looks very professional and has some heft to it.

Black Cherry is a dark, bloody red. It looks almost black from afar. It's very difficult to remove! Love it.

True Blood

You can buy NYX Lips Lipsticks from Carefreeshopper for only P250.