Why use SM Eco Bags

Eco bags are not a trend - they're here to stay! Using them helps reduce plastic waste, which we all know is not biodegradable. According to CNN, "What's wrong with plastic bags? Lots. They often wind up as litter, or in trees. They drift into oceans and rivers and kill fish. They can take 1,000 years to decompose. And every time we use a plastic bag, we drive up the demand for oil - which is used to make plastics."

Wow, a thousand years! Think about it. Something we used for two hours carrying a box of shoes can continue polluting the environment for a millennium. This is why I prefer shopping in stores that use re-usable paper bags instead of plastic ones! Also, when I buy something that can fit into my bag, I always tell the attendant to skip the plastic kasi kalat lang talaga. If I have to use plastic, I stuff as many things inside as humanly possible, then re-use the bag for the trash cans at home.

Now, I'm sure you've seen SM Eco Bags being sold at SM Supermalls nationwide. I'd like to invite you to use them because aside from the environmental angle, SM Eco Bags are total must-have because they're:

  • Extremely convenient. Instead of toting several shopping bags at the same time, you can just put them inside the roomy fabric bag and sling it on your shoulder. 
  • Fashionable. So you've got a great outfit going on while you're shopping, but you're carrying three or four plastic bags by hand. How unflattering! If you spend so much time primping, it wouldn't hurt to carry a pretty eco bag with you whenever you go out to shop. SM Eco Bags come in four wearable designs.


  • Compact and light. They tie up neatly in a thin rectangular bundle and weigh almost nothing.
  • Multipurpose. Aside from shopping, eco bags are useful for bringing practically anything to anywhere. They can be used as laundry bags, weekender bags, or dog bags. Hehe. Kidding about the last part. Or not.
  • Sturdy. I have been using these bags to carry groceries and I can vouch that they won't break under several kilos of weight. SM also says that even with weekly use, these bags can last up to two years!
  • Super cheap. One bag only costs P35. 

So you see, these no reason for you not to get one. ;) I like that SM Eco Bags are not obvious, that is, there is no obnoxious logo stamped everywhere. The designs are so fresh and quirky, I was never ashamed to put them on my shoulder the many times I shopped with them.

"Let's renew our earth by reducing waste."

"Let's breathe clean, pristine air once again."

"Let's make our waters flow with life."


"Let's spark a revolution in sustainable energy use."

Don't forget to follow the SM Supermalls Eco Bag Facebook Page to get updates and tips on how to take care of the environment. The admins hold a monthly contest, so maybe you can join that too! ;)

So, do you shop with eco bags? Where do you get your eco bags?