Got musical talent? Join Avon Voices!

I was browsing online a few days ago when I saw a link that led to the Avon Voices website. I was invited to the launch last December 1, but I wasn't able to make it so I just promptly forgot about it. I did have a vague idea that it was about empowering women, giving them a voice, something like that. It's Avon's advocacy after all. But when I saw the site, I was surprised that my impression was waaayyyy off the mark!

Avon Voices is actually the first-ever global online singing talent search. It's a contest for budding singers and songwriters all over the world! All they have to do is pick and/or write a song and upload it. There will be 200 finalists who will get to travel, receive professional coaching, Avon makeovers, and even record performance videos. The 200 will ultimately be whittled down to two winners - one an Avon Representative - who may get to record their own albums! So cool right?

Here are some photos during the Philippine launch at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Of course, Ms. Lea Salonga headed the charge not only as an Avon endorser but also as a world-class musician and one of the international judges for the contest.

Lea Salonga (2)

Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga is ageless


Mechanics and more photos after the jump!

Mike Gudgin, Lea Salonga, (2)

Starting December 1, 2010, the program’s official website - – is live, and open for registration.  There are three ways to engage as a member of the Avon Voices global community:

Sing: Women are invited to participate in the online Singing Talent Search by choosing a song from the website and uploading a submission video through February 13, 2011 at

Vote: Everyone can be a talent scout and recruit all of the talented people they know, watch videos, and vote for their favorite Avon Voices contenders to help decide the outcome. From April through October, the search will be narrowed down four times by a combination of online public voting and judges’ scores. (Official Round One voting begins April 22, 2011).

Write:  Women and men may enter the Songwriting Competition. Write an original song that inspires or shares hope and optimism with the world. Simply submit a digital file and lyric sheet at (between May 20, 2011 and July 1, 2011). More details here.

Avon Voices Press Room (2)

The Philippines is just brimming with future pop stars and wold-class musical acts. I think it's in our blood to love music and to create it! So if you're one of the many hopefuls who want to make it, join Avon Voices and maybe you'll finally get your big break!