The Clothes I Live In


I was doing some boards for the Ukay Manila Store when I thought of a neat idea - why don’t I do an inspiration board of what I wear everyday? I’ve posted some nice outfits here before, but I don’t dress like that everyday. There are days when I just want to relax and not worry if my vagina or stray boob is peeking out of my dress. I value silhouette, function, and simplicity when it comes to the clothes I wear. The less fussy, the better. 

That’s my style as of the moment. 


what i live in
All these items are either exact or just a close approximation of what I have in my closet. It’s hard finding the exact thing in Polyvore!

So, right now, I’m really digging cuffed jeans. I like the informal, carefree, effortless impression that it gives to the whole look. I love plain, basic tops - one can do so many things with them! I’m also partial to miniskirts. Right now my “everyday” skirts include a gray mini and a black tulip skirt. As for outerwear, I have this awesome black blazer that fits me so well and is done in nice fabric. I abuse my yellow cardigan, as well as my black faux leather PVC jacket. I’ve recently unearthed a faux leather double breasted jacket - it’s sooo cool! 

As for shoes, I rotate a gladiator wedge from People R People, cutout platform shoes from Primadonna, beige platform sandals, black ballet flats from B Club, and these cute pink pumps from an Anonas thrift store. I find that aggressive heals can really add style points to any plain outfit.

How about you, what do you usually wear?