Our 18 sunscreen recommendations for five different occasions this summer

Summer heralds clear warm weather, perfect for activities like beach outings, vacations, and outdoor sports. While we #LovetheSun for all the fun things we can do, Watsons understands that it's important to stay protected. You really can't and shouldn't skip sun protection. Apart from avoiding painful sunburns, long-term skin damage, premature aging, and even the possibility of developing skin cancer offer convincing reasons to pile on the SPF.

With so many new sunscreen formulations, there's no excuse to miss out on this daily must-have. Aside from making to wear it every day and reapplying regularly, you should also make sure to use the right kind of sunscreen depending on your activity! Check out our recos below to find out which should you be using where and when.

#1 Staying Indoors

"What? I have to use sunscreen even if I'm just staying indoors?" That's right! Even if you're not leaving home, UV rays can still pass through the windows and damage your skin. Applying a lotion and a moisturizer with SPF will do if it feels most comfortable to you, plus they can have additional skincare benefits such as brightening and providing intense hydration.

Try: Block & White Sakura White Lotion (P117/150ml), Kojie-san Sunblock SPF 69 Body Lotion (P360/150ml)

#2 Commuting To Classes or Work

Umbrellas and hats are a commuter's best friends, especially during the summer! Both protect your skin from direct exposure to the heat, and they keep your hair from feeling hot, dry, and damaged as well. For days like this, start your sun protection in the shower, with hair products that cool the scalp and strengthen hair strands. It's also a good idea to spray sunscreen on your head! There are specific sunscreens that provide hair nourishing and anti-frizz benefits, but any spray sunscreen will do in a pinch.

commute hair sun.jpg

For the rest of the body, a non-greasy lotion or moisturizer is the best because it won't make you too uncomfortable when you sweat during the trip.

Try: Cream Silk Limited Edition Fresh Hydration Conditioner (P197.50/340ml), Belo Sunexpert Hair and Scalp Shield (P349.75/100ml), Vaseline Healthy White Sun+Pollution Protection Lotion (P119), Thiocell Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ (P390/50g), Pond's White Beauty Daily Whitening Sun Protect Face Sunscreen (P304/30g)

#3 Hiking, Road Trips, and Outdoor Sports

If your activities mean soaking up the sun for longer periods of time, it's best to cover up in UV-protective clothing and to slather on a strong sunscreen that is at least SPF50 or higher. Sweat resistant sunscreen formulas are idea, but even then, you have to reapply after excessive sweating and toweling off.

road trip face sun.jpg

Your hair may also suffer damage from the prolonged sun exposure, so make use of hair treatments at the end of the day to get them back in peak condition.

Try: Belo Sunexpert Face Cream SPF40 (P329.75/50ml), Solstice Whitening Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF70 (P223/75ml), Solstice Anti-Aging Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF70 (P237/75ml), Pantene Pro-V Limited Edition Shampoo UV Rescue (P115/170ml), Pantene Pro-V Limited Edition 3 Minute Miracle UV Rescue (P159/180ml), Kojie-san After Sun Spray Aloe Vera with Cool Moist Formula (200ml)

road trip hair sun.jpg

#4 Swimming All Day

We all know that putting on sunscreen before swimming is a must, but how many actually reapply it after the first application? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation in the US, you should reapply every 2 hours or even less, particularly after swimming or sweating a lot. The right type of sunscreen for swimming usually has higher SPF since UV rays can pass through water or even be reflected, thus increasing the UV rays you are exposed to.

Try: Banana Boat Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 (P302/90ml), Beach Hut Max SPF 100++ Sunblock (P499/100ml)

#5 Lounging at the Poolside

Think you're safer staying under an umbrella by the poolside or the shore? Think again because water and sand both reflect sunlight, the latter reflecting "about 15 percent" according to the World Health Organization. You'd still want a high SPF though with a more lightweight feel upon application. In case you want to dive into the water later, this sunscreen will still be okay; just don't forget to reapply after getting out.

In case you’re a recent sunscreen convert, you may want to check out our story on avoiding sunscreen mistakes. Also check out our previous comparisons on sunscreen lotions and spray-on sunscreens to further see which sunscreen product is best for you!

Try: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 50+ (P536/88ml), Celeteque Sun Care Face and Body Sun Defense Spray SPF50 (P449/100ml), Kojie-san Before Sun Spray SPF50 (P455/200ml)

poolside sun.jpg

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Are you ready to have fun in the sun while keeping your skin and hair protected? What are your sun protection must-haves?