Vice Cosmetics released new Velvet Matte Lip Kits and we have all the swatches!

Vice Cosmetics is on a roll! After just releasing a powder makeup collection just a few weeks ago, this hot and local brand is ending the year with a bang by coming out with new lip kits to complete our holiday looks.

If you can recall, the brand originally launched their lip kits late last year with a tandem of a Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching lip liner. This time, they’ve created a Velvet Matte Lip Kit consisting of two all-new products: a Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick and a matching, retractable lip liner!


Unlike the lip liners in their previous lip kit, these new ones are retractable and it seems they’ve come up with an improved formula. I did not experience any breakage while using them, unlike what Katsy experienced. They are creamy and apply smoothly with good pigmentation! They offer good quality at an affordable price. My only problem with these is that there are no shade labels printed on the packaging, and the shade is only marked by a sticker at the bottom. If the sticker comes off, I’d have difficulty differentiating the shades at a glance because the caps are all identical. So if you purchase more than one lip kit, take this into consideration as pairing your lip liner with the lipstick can become confusing.

As for the Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks themselves, I am impressed! These are creamy, pigmented, and apply smoothly. They really go on without a hitch and are all consistently opaque in one swipe. I did not have any trouble applying any of them, not even the darkest color. They wear comfortably on the lips and are not drying. And since these are velvet mattes, they don’t emphasize my lip lines.

Do note that these are not meant to be long-wearing nor transfer-proof (as the Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipstick was made for that purpose) so I get a modest three to four hours of wear time. They leave an even stain after a meal so I still look decent even without reapplying. These are unscented, so there is a slight chemical smell but I find it to be almost unnoticeable. Even though the tubes only contain 3ml of product, I feel that these are comparable to other lippies twice (or more) the price!

The liquid lippies are pigmented enough to be used without lip liners, but I find that the combination of the two just makes it much easier to achieve a neat application and crisp lip line (raise your hand if you tend to go over the lip line!) so I’m actually able to save time on applying lipstick.


A lot of the shades have brown tones, or are red, so I feel like they will work well with a lot of different skin tones. My favorites in this collection are Iteklavu (a pink-brown MLBB) and Zelavu (a vampy red-brown that will suit both mestizas and morenas). That being said, I do wish that there will be more variety in their shades in the future like more nudes and pinks!

Here are swatches of the lip liner and lipstick used together:

Swatches, from left: Izkeravu, Iteklavu, Kumelavu, Vulevu, Givlavu, Getlavu, Taravu, Zelavu

Swatches, from left: Izkeravu, Iteklavu, Kumelavu, Vulevu, Givlavu, Getlavu, Taravu, Zelavu

This new collection is another win for Vice Cosmetics for its great quality and good price. Each kit retails for just P295! The products are currently not available for individual purchase, but I highly recommend buying the set anyway for a hassle-free application. Looking forward to more releases from the brand!

Have you tried these lip kits? What do you think of them? Which shades are your favorite?