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Snaps The Ridiculously Photogenic Dog

It's been a while since I wrote about Snaps here, so I thought I'd share some photos I took the other day. Oh he's doing very well, thank you! He had an eating problem for a while which caused him to barf a lot, but we think he got over it. We got him Royal Canin dog food and pate which he finally accepted as facts of life. His vitamins also help his appetite, too!

"What's up?"

It's difficult not to spoil a dog you love, but you have to make him realize that human food is not the rule but an exception.

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The Snaps Report: Sick and spoiled

I told myself that I won't be one of those people who spoil their dogs to no end. I always thought that the money and time for that can go to better indulgences (like shoes). But really, how can you not spoil a dog like Snaps? He is sweet, friendly, and usually well-behaved.

Yes, that is the newly-groomed, newly-vaccinated, and rather sick Snaps. He has a bacterial disease at the moment (major sad face), but he is already on medication and we hope that he will get through it safely soon. According to the vets, he probably got it from the water in Tiendesitas. They mentioned that they had a confined dog patient recently who has the same malady - like Snaps, the dog was also bought from Tiendesitas.

So let this serve as a warning: as soon as you get your dog, get him vaccinated and tested for common diseases like this. (The name of the disease escapes me at the moment). Check his stool, too. It should be firm and formed, not mushy.

Anyway, we went to Dogs and the City in Burgos Circle, The Fort to have him groomed as well as to shop for some essentials.

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The story of Snaps

Marco and I have always talked about getting a dog, but we never got around to actually pushing through with it. We live in a condo with rather strict pet rules, plus our schedule can be unpredictable sometimes! All the logical reasons point us toward NOT getting a dog. But last Saturday, we did not listen to reason.

I was in Tiendesitas, having a late lunch after a meeting. I knew that Marco was passing my way so I waited for him to pick me up. I've never EVER been to Tiendesitas before (I know, I know), so I took the opportunity to explore what the fabled shops have to offer.

I saw this Pomeranian.

There were lots of dogs everywhere, but they weren't interested in me, nor I with them. I wasn't looking to buy a dog to begin with. But when I met this Pomeranian puppy, he looked so happy to see me and immediately held his paws out of the cage. He also put his nose out so I can pat his head. We spent a few minutes like that, but I had to go since I knew I couldn't afford him right now.

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