The story of Snaps

Marco and I have always talked about getting a dog, but we never got around to actually pushing through with it. We live in a condo with rather strict pet rules, plus our schedule can be unpredictable sometimes! All the logical reasons point us toward NOT getting a dog. But last Saturday, we did not listen to reason.

I was in Tiendesitas, having a late lunch after a meeting. I knew that Marco was passing my way so I waited for him to pick me up. I've never EVER been to Tiendesitas before (I know, I know), so I took the opportunity to explore what the fabled shops have to offer.

I saw this Pomeranian.

There were lots of dogs everywhere, but they weren't interested in me, nor I with them. I wasn't looking to buy a dog to begin with. But when I met this Pomeranian puppy, he looked so happy to see me and immediately held his paws out of the cage. He also put his nose out so I can pat his head. We spent a few minutes like that, but I had to go since I knew I couldn't afford him right now.

I went back and we did the same routine. He looked sad and nice and I really wanted to take him home, but...yeah, a dog wasn't in the budget. When Marco picked me up, I told him about the dog. He said we should get him. He argued that I was just being stingy because we can actually afford the dog, and besides it would be nice to have a new companion in the house (it can admittedly get boring). We need a new routine, too.

And so we ended up buying the dog. Lol. We drove back to Tiendesitas and the rest, as they say, is history. We named the Pomeranian "Snaps" after Sylvester Stallone's character in Oscar - a movie we both love (that's rare). I'm now the designated poop and pee cleaner but it's ok since Snaps is a sweet and happy dog we love having around.

That's the story of Snaps. It's not dramatic or particularly moving, but it's a huge step for us.