Snaps The Ridiculously Photogenic Dog

It's been a while since I wrote about Snaps here, so I thought I'd share some photos I took the other day. Oh he's doing very well, thank you! He had an eating problem for a while which caused him to barf a lot, but we think he got over it. We got him Royal Canin dog food and pate which he finally accepted as facts of life. His vitamins also help his appetite, too!

"What's up?"

It's difficult not to spoil a dog you love, but you have to make him realize that human food is not the rule but an exception. You have to be tough about it even though he's begging. 

What else is new...oh we took Snaps to our road trip last Holy Week. He was such a sport about it! He went to La Union, Baguio, and Pangasinan. I think he got stressed a little, but he seemed to enjoy walking in (and marking) new places. 

Snaps in Camp John Hay. Ugh, pardon my stupid pose and bangag face. It was a long drive!

Anyway, I need to take Snaps out for a walk now. Such a nice Sunday morning, no? ;) Enjoy!