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Vidal Sassoon hair care, now back in the Philippines

You might be familiar with the name "Vidal Sassoon" but do you know the story of the man behind it? Vidal Sassoon is one of the world's first celebrity hair stylists. He invented hairstyles in the 60s that are so revolutionary, they are still as fresh today as they were fifty years ago. He's like the Steve Jobs of the tech world, when he came out with the iPod and the iPad that forever changed the industry.

This is Grace Coddington wearing the Five Point Cut, which was invented by Sassoon in 1963.

You might think that "invented" is such a strong word for a "mere" hair cut, but note that this came out at a time when the stiffer and higher the hair, the better. Women would sport big hair lacquered to death with hairspray. It wasn't something you could run your fingers through; you'd have to spend hours at a salon having it done and then more time washing it down. This was the time when "I'm washing my hair" is a legitimate excuse for not coming to social engagements.

L-R Jackie Kennedy (later Onassis), Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Lauren, and Nancy Kwan in her famous bob

So a sleek, geometric cut that you can literally wash and wear is a game changer. Sassoon did the hair of screen legends like Mia Farrow (the pixie) and Nancy Kwan, model Twiggy (yes, that iconic cut!), singer Diana Ross, as well as fashion designer Mary Quant (who is credited to have invented the mini skirt). Quant would call Sassoon the "Chanel of hair". 

Eventually, Vidal Sassoon came out with his own hair care range, because an actor once suggested that he should make money while he sleeps. :P VS hair products have actually been available in the Philippines before, but after a long absence, it's now back!

I haven't yet used the products (got them just a couple of days ago!) so I'll just be spelling out my first impressions. First of all - I love the packaging! The ruby red bottles are oh-so-classy and eye catching.

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Physiogel Intensive Cream

One of the most memorable conversations I've ever had is with this lifestyle writer. He was a famous socialite in the 80s and 90s, and he told me all about his life in Europe. He also shared some of his beauty and health tips - I just HAD to know, because he looked 40 when he could've been pushing 50 or even 60!

I remember that he had this off-shoulder blouse on (we're Facebook friends, it's like his trademark look). He dared me to touch his shoulder. I did, and I swear he had the softest skin I've ever touched. Softer than mine, at any rate! Of course I asked him what his body lotion was. He said that he has been using Physiogel religiously for a long time.

I keep meaning to pick up a tube of the stuff but I'm very rarely in Mercury. Good thing Sample Room sent me one! 

The Physiogel Intensive Cream (P574.50) is a heavy moisturizer specifically formulated for moderately dry to dry skin. It smells like a blend of coconuts and butter - not too overpowering but you won't miss the scent. The texture is very creamy and is absorbed by the skin easily enough.

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Grabbed from Sample Room: Kiehl's Acai Damage-Correcting Moisturizer

If you haven't tried Sample Room yet, you must run over there and avail of a couple of samples. They're free! To recap, Sample Room is a beauty sampling service that allows users to choose samples with free points. Users can get back those points by simply reviewing those items. Neat eh? The first wave had Kiehl's, Benefit, Shu Uemura, Calvin Klein and Kerastase for crying out loud. Kerastase gave away 50mil bottles of their best-selling serum!

The Benefit Porefessional and Kerastase serum ran out pretty quickly (naturally), but I honestly only wanted one thing: the sample of the Kiehl's Acai Damage-Correcting Moisturizer. I love Kiehl's, and I was then looking for a new moisturizer to use (I found a "new" one now teehee). I trust Kiehl's and I'm sure the moisturizer will do wonders - just read the reviews over at Sample Room, they're convincing.

It's a 15ml sample which means that I can probably stretch it up to two weeks if used sparingly.

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Free to choose, free to have: Sample Room

I've been excited about Sample Room since early October, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise until their big launch today. I hoped for the website to be ready for users first so you can check it ASAP! It will go live after lunch according to the SR team!

So wait - what is Sample Room? It's a beauty sampling website, but nothing like the subscription boxes that came before it. It's a different concept where users can choose their own samples at no cost other than the shipping fee. Yes, you don't need to pay a monthly fee to avail of samples and yes you can choose whatever you can afford with your free points. :)

To get the points, all you need to do is write a review for the samples you received.

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