Melissa Bliss Sandals

Here's something cute from the mail a couple of weeks back! Sample Room gifted me with these Melissa Bliss Sandals (P2,219) and I thought they were weirdly interesting. Well, they're definitely not your typical sandal shape! They'd be a challenge to style but I'm thinking they'd look good with some harlem pants and a chill, flowy shirt. What do you think?



Bliss is made of a super soft, rubber material that smells fantastic. If you've been to a store selling Melissa shoes then you know what I mean! There was a time when sandals like these were tacky and broke down after only a few excursions outside. But with brands like Melissa, designs are super trendy. You can't beat the comfort as well! 


Those straps can be wrapped around your ankle or tied into a ribbon.


I suck at posting outfit pictures so I hope this will do. My feet are not the prettiest but this should give you an idea. ;) Anyway, how do you feel about "gel" shoes? Have you tried Melissa before?

Get Melissa shoes inside Geleia, The Flat Shop, Shoe Thing, and Rustans stores. You can also order online.