Vidal Sassoon hair care, now back in the Philippines

You might be familiar with the name "Vidal Sassoon" but do you know the story of the man behind it? Vidal Sassoon is one of the world's first celebrity hair stylists. He invented hairstyles in the 60s that are so revolutionary, they are still as fresh today as they were fifty years ago. He's like the Steve Jobs of the tech world, when he came out with the iPod and the iPad that forever changed the industry.

This is Grace Coddington wearing the Five Point Cut, which was invented by Sassoon in 1963.

You might think that "invented" is such a strong word for a "mere" hair cut, but note that this came out at a time when the stiffer and higher the hair, the better. Women would sport big hair lacquered to death with hairspray. It wasn't something you could run your fingers through; you'd have to spend hours at a salon having it done and then more time washing it down. This was the time when "I'm washing my hair" is a legitimate excuse for not coming to social engagements.

L-R Jackie Kennedy (later Onassis), Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Lauren, and Nancy Kwan in her famous bob

So a sleek, geometric cut that you can literally wash and wear is a game changer. Sassoon did the hair of screen legends like Mia Farrow (the pixie) and Nancy Kwan, model Twiggy (yes, that iconic cut!), singer Diana Ross, as well as fashion designer Mary Quant (who is credited to have invented the mini skirt). Quant would call Sassoon the "Chanel of hair". 

Eventually, Vidal Sassoon came out with his own hair care range, because an actor once suggested that he should make money while he sleeps. :P VS hair products have actually been available in the Philippines before, but after a long absence, it's now back!

I haven't yet used the products (got them just a couple of days ago!) so I'll just be spelling out my first impressions. First of all - I love the packaging! The ruby red bottles are oh-so-classy and eye catching. They feel so high-end! Pricing is certainly higher than average, at P199 for the 169ml and P459 for 480ml for both the shampoo and codnitioner. Yes they're higher but still inexpensive in the great scheme of things.

The products has a nice, fruity floral scent. Here's some info about the treatment, serum, and shampoo/conditioner series. You can actually grab free full-sized samples at - they're still available!

The Vidal Sassoon Treatment is designed to penetrate the hair more deeply to nourish and repair damage.

How to Use: After Shampoo and Conditioner, spread onto wet hair after lighlty squeezing out excess water. Massage the product onto your hair, down to the hair tips. // PHP 199 for 169ml

The Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care series intends to moisturize and infuse each hair strand with elasticity to reduce frizz and enable effortlessly lifted styles. It has Amino Salon Essence to deeply penetrate into hair and targets and help repair the most damaged parts of hair. It also features a Dual Surfactant Formula that enables deep moisturization of every strand of hair –  for  hair that’s manageable and easy to style

How to Use: Apply to hair and gently work up lather without rubbing the hair strand against each other. // PHP 199/ PHP 459 for 190ml/ 480ml

And this is what I'm most excited about, because it's for curly hair! The Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator (around P350) is a leave-on conditioner and hair protectant. It's supposed to moisturize your hair while protecting it at the same time. It's also meant to prevent frizz! That's pretty much everything I need for my hair right now, so I will definitely update you if it works out.

Handy, easy to carry size

Watery and non-greasy texture

So there you go. There's also a color care shampoo and conditioner so you must check that out if you have colored and damaged hair. ;)

What do you think of this new hair care range? What do you want to try most of all? 

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