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Reader question: Holy Grail Hit List

In your previous posts, you have discussed about your top picks regarding BB creams, foundations, etc. I have tried some of them, and I'm planning on trying others as well. Raves are something when it comes to beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus, but having something as their HG is another. I must admit, there's something about HG status that thrills us readers and viewers and makes us want to buy a particular product.

Being an avid reader of your blog, I can easily state some of your HG's. But can I make a request from you to list down your ultimate HG products? I just want to read about them in a single post and I think I will eventually buy them for myself. I trust your judgement a lot, I guess you could tell. :) Thank you so much! - Marie

Hi Marie! Thank you, this has got to be my favorite question so far. That's true, I write about all the things I love here, but then some are extra special than others. Of course, it depends on my specific set of preferences so I can't guarantee that everything here will be as ideal for you as they are for me. Still, you might just hit the jackpot! It's so difficult to find something that works. I hope you find them at Project Vanity.

But wait, what constitutes a Holy Grail product for me? It's really the best possible mix of value (cost-per-wear), convenience, and efficacy. Here's my list, in different categories! 

Face Bases

Primer. I'm a big believer in using only things I need, and I don't feel primer is one of them. I have oily combination skin. I do oil up, but it's manageable! I prefer to use a good foundation and blotting powder/paper to keep the oil at a reasonable level. The truth is that no product can make you stop oiling up, it can only absorb the oil for as long as it is able to.

BB Cream. My ideal BB cream is the Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream. This looks like skin, is extremely photogenic, and lasts pretty well. Great for the day, great for night events. I don't mind using an SPF product underneath.

Liquid Foundation. I love light textures and natural coverage, so I'm going with the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup. It doesn't have a lasting power I can swear by, but it does make my skin look bright in the dullest of days. Second place would be the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation.

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Reader question: What is your ultimate dream beauty product?

You obviously have several products at your disposal for review! I wonder - being a beauty blogger and having the privilege of trying out tons of beauty knick-knacks out there, do you still have a beauty wishlist? If so, what is your ultimate dream beauty/makeup product?

I'm curious as well on what the readers have to say. Guys, if cost and accessibility were no issue, what beauty product/makeup would you get in a heartbeat? Fantasize and share please! - Yani

Hi Yani! Great question! Made me think. :P Yes, I still have a beauty wishlist even though I get new products on a regular basis. For example I want to own more NARS items! But how ever much I love makeup, I'm not an addict with uncontrollable impulses. I think first before I buy something new, because most of the time I probably have a similar thing just waiting to be used or finished up. I don't want to waste what I get and I don't want to sell them either. So I rarely buy even though it is within my means to do so.

Still, there are a couple of things that I would love to have! 

The MAC Fluidline Brow Gel Creme (P1,100) is on top of my modest list. This is part of the upcoming The Stylish Brow collection, which will come out this month! I don't fall in line for MAC products, but I will go to the mall at 10am just for this.

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