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Liz Says, Week 3: On the question of virginity

The fact that women still worry about virginity makes me sad. But it is a very valid concern, because virginity (for some irritating reason) is still attached to how a woman is valued by society - like proverbial meat on the dating market. Here is S's concern about virginity, and what I think about it.

Hi. I'd like to ask for your opinion on virginity and the value of being a woman. Does a woman's value decrease when she's lost her virginity? Like, should she have looked after herself before her wedding night and she's dumb for not doing so? I've read forums by Filipinos and there are some men that say they prefer virgin women over non-virgins for marriage while it's okay to play around and have girlfriends that are non-virgins.

I, for one am no longer a virgin and I'm concerned that when I find the right person he might turn away because of my non-virginity. Also, I think it's quite chauvinistic for men to want to be gifted with a "pure" woman to marry when they themselves aren't "pure" (in terms of religion and morals) to begin with.

I know God detests premarital sex and I vowed to wait till marriage but the uncertainty of what this truth may bring to future relationships scare me.

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Liz Says Week 2: Roots

No one sent me a letter for advice this week, hmp! I'm hurt, you guys! You need to give me something to work with! Haha. Okay, to hopefully encourage you to email me, I will send a gift to the chosen letter sender - could be skincare, could be makeup. I will ship it to  you as long as you're based in the Philippines. 

Please keep the letters coming!

For this week's Liz Says, I will just answer a question I received on the forum. Clarissa asked:

Hi Liz. I've always been a fan of your blog. I'm starting my own today, but I would like to ask...How have you achieved everything that you have achieved? How did you start out and how do bloggers get in to blogger events, etc. I'm really curious! Thanks!

This is a bit of a tired topic since I've answered these questions several times in the past, but since it's 2012 - hey why not. I started beauty blogging in 2008. I was still in college and starting to really get into  makeup. I've been learning so much, reading reviews and watching tutorials, that I decided to put up a blog to share all my cool finds and tidbits of beauty wisdom. Snap, it was that simple.

My family was not rich. We're comfortable, but not loaded enough that I could ask my parents to buy me expensive makeup. So like any teen I started with Ever Bilena, Nichido, and Avon makeup.

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Liz Says, Week 1: The girl with the temper

Hi guys! If you've been following my Facebook page and Twitter, you may have seen the announcement for my weekly advice column. Every Saturday, I'll be giving young women advice on how to deal with their love and career problems. I'm not saying I can fix your life. But I sure am hoping that I can help you look at (or solve) your problems from a different perspective.

You may be wondering why I'm doing this, and why here. Frankly I just want to take a break from writing about makeup all the time. Haha. But seriously.I've been through a lot and I've always dealt with my problems in a freakishly calm and rational manner. More girls should do that. All the movies, TV shows, even books are telling women my age to be melodramatic and to feel entitled about certain things in their lives. That should never be the case. I'm just here to tell you exactly that.

I decided to put this advice column on Project Vanity because it's basically in the same spirit: I want to help women accept their problems and then deal with them. Whether it's a pimple before a big night or a big fight with your asshole boyfriend, I want you to know that we can talk about it. :)

Okay? Okay! So here's the first letter from someone we shall call the Girl with the Temper.

I'm 22 going on 23, so I consider myself a pretty mature person. However, a recurring problem in my current relationship is my short fuse. I can be really patient with other people. As a matter of fact, I had a tutoring stint with grade school children and not once did I get angry even though I used to dislike children.

However, when it comes to my boyfriend, all my patience goes out the window.

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