Liz Says Week 2: Roots

No one sent me a letter for advice this week, hmp! I'm hurt, you guys! You need to give me something to work with! Haha. Okay, to hopefully encourage you to email me, I will send a gift to the chosen letter sender - could be skincare, could be makeup. I will ship it to  you as long as you're based in the Philippines. 

Please keep the letters coming!

For this week's Liz Says, I will just answer a question I received on the forum. Clarissa asked:

Hi Liz. I've always been a fan of your blog. I'm starting my own today, but I would like to ask...How have you achieved everything that you have achieved? How did you start out and how do bloggers get in to blogger events, etc. I'm really curious! Thanks!

This is a bit of a tired topic since I've answered these questions several times in the past, but since it's 2012 - hey why not. I started beauty blogging in 2008. I was still in college and starting to really get into  makeup. I've been learning so much, reading reviews and watching tutorials, that I decided to put up a blog to share all my cool finds and tidbits of beauty wisdom. Snap, it was that simple.

My family was not rich. We're comfortable, but not loaded enough that I could ask my parents to buy me expensive makeup. So like any teen I started with Ever Bilena, Nichido, and Avon makeup. If I wanted something really special, I saved up my lunch money (P20 palabok at the cafeteria, WTF!) until I can buy what I wanted. It also helped that I got odd jobs as a copywriter at that time.

That's how I was able to keep the blog going, but really, the website is just an extension of my love for beauty. :) I blog not for the sake of blogging (the freebies, the events, all the other perks) but because I wanted to talk about the things I love. That's how I achieved all of this - I honestly love anything beauty and fashion-related, and you know what? Passion is something that people always notice.

Because of my blog I was able to build my network. Eventually, I got jobs and sponsors. Right now I'm very happy where I am and grateful to all the people who trusted me to bring me here...all because of this little website.

Clarissa, this is my advice to you, as tired as this sounds: love what you do and be consistent about it. Blog because you have something to say, not because you just want to say something, anything. 

Most importantly, learn how to survive on P20 palabok


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